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Sean Paul Dutty Rock Itunes Download

Voip Integration Phone Remote Serial Annunciator. Nov 12, 2002. Discover Dutty Rock by Sean Paul, download music from Dutty Rock by just one click. Frontpage Slideshow Joomla 3 Скачать on this page.

Sean Paul Dutty Rock Itunes Download

's is an infectious record, bursting with hooks and filled with energy; it is a surprise U.S. 's mix of dancehall and modern R&B and hip-hop is lightweight and easy to dance to. It slows down near the end as some filler creeps in, but at its best, is almost revolutionary. Utilizes big-name producers like,,, and the ubiquitous, whose sexy 'Bubble' is one of the highlights of the record. The best track, the stuttering, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head catchy 'Get Busy,' is produced by and features his staggeringly popular diwali rhythm and a great vocal.

Other tracks, like the hit single 'Gimme the Light,' and the 'Louie Louie'-influenced 'Like Glue,' are almost as good. Has a good ear for melody and his flat, distinctive voice is perfect for his sing-jay style (sing-jay being a blend of DJ and singing).

Also ropes in for an amped-up remix of 'Gimme the Light,' and of to provide rapping and silly noises on 'Top of the Game.' This is such a good record that even the skits are pretty good.

'Police Skit' may even provide a few chuckles. 's blend of dancehall and hip-hop brings out the best of each genre, and should be booming out of your Jeep if you are a fan of either. [ was reissued in September of 2003 with the addition of 'Baby Boy,' an excellent track from 's record that features, and the subtraction of the humorous but inessential skits, and one of the original album's weakest tracks, 'It's On.' This reshuffling makes an already strong album even stronger.].

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