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Office Home And Student 2007 Iso

RECOMMENDED: The final version of Windows 10 will be officially launched on July 29 th. Windows 10, the latest version of Windows 10, will be offered as a who perform the upgrade within the first year of the release.

Tens of millions of PC users are eagerly waiting for the release of Windows 10 so that they can upgrade their existing Windows 7/8.1 installation to Windows 10 for free. Although Microsoft has already said that most of the programs out there for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will support Windows 10 as well, there are many users who want to confirm if their favorite programs work after upgrading to Windows 10. Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2013 support Windows 10 While we recommend you use the tool present in Get Windows 10 app to check if your installed programs work on Windows 10 as well, users who are using older versions of Microsoft Office will be glad to know that one can install the decade old Office 2003 on Windows 10 without any issues.

Yes, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013 and the upcoming (currently in beta) are fully compatible with Windows 10. This is a fantastic news for millions of PC users who are still using Office 2007 and Office 2010 for variety of reasons. In short, if you have Office 2003, Office 2007, or Office 2013 on your Windows 7/Windows 8.1 PC, you can keep your Office installation while upgrading to Windows 10. However, note that you must have installed latest Office service packs.

Gabe Aul, Engineering General Manager for data and fundamentals team at Microsoft, recently shared a picture of running 20-year-old Office for Windows 95 on Windows 10! That said, since those older versions of Office programs are no longer supported by Microsoft, we recommend you upgrade to a newer version of Office as early as possible. What version of Microsoft Office you have on your PC? I have windows 2010 working fine on a PC that I successfully updated to Windows 10 via the Windows “Update” process. Another PC I could not successfully convert to Windows 10 via that method, so I had to do a FULL INSTALLATION via an image file (.iso) of Windows 10. This of course meant wiping everything from the PC.

Fellow nerds, So I had to upgrade a clients workstation and they had Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student. I asked them if. 3 replies Microsoft Office.

I used my serial number from my Windows 8 disk (which I bought when it first came out) to successfully install W10 (at last!) but then I found I could not install my Office 2010 from my original disks! (It would not accept the legitimate serial number showing with th disk! I am very frustrated by this. I refuse to go to Windows 365 because macros do not work in Excel or Outlook and this ruins many of my automation procedures. PLEASE BRING BACK OFFICE 2010!!!!! (Even the download pages at Microsoft do not work anymore • Brian says.

UNABLE TO TWO-FINGER VERTICAL SCROLL WITH TOUCHPAD in Office 2007 I recently purchased a Windows 10 computer. I am using Office 2007 in Windows 10. WORD 2007: When I open a new document and make the document several pages long, I can scroll through the pages using two fingers on the touchpad. When I reach either end of the document (beginning or end, in other words), any further two-finger touchpad scrolling causes the entire Word window to bounce, indicating I’m at the end of the document. This is normal and expected.

When I open any of many documents I work with frequently (these are several dozen MB in size, hundreds of pages long and up to about 2000 pages), this vertical two-finger touchpad scroll function doesn’t work. When I first open the document, if I try to two-finger vertical scroll with the touchpad, it will scroll to the end of the first page, then Word temporarily pauses as it “repaginates” the rest of the document. When this is completed, the two-finger touchpad scrolling does NOTHING for vertical scrolling, although it can still laterally scroll.

This is very frustrating and causing me to contemplate returning the computer, as it is crippling my ability to perform one of my most common activities on the computer. EXCEL 2007: I tried the same thing in Excel to see if the problem existed there also. When I open a new spreadsheet, two-finger touchpad scrolling works both vertically and horizontally, and the entire Excel window bounces when I reach the end in any direction. However, I routinely split the Excel files into planes so I can see the column and row headings constantly while editing the body. That’s when the two-finger touchpad scrolling fails. When I split the file into two vertical panes (so the top pane can show my headings that I’ve placed in row 1, while I work with the body of the spreadsheet in the lower pane), any attempt to two-finger touchpad scroll vertically affects the top pane. Even as I’ve tried to click in the bottom pane to “select” it, two-finger vertical scrolling on the touchpad scrolls the top pane only.

Office Home And Student 2007 Iso

Horizontal scrolling, however, works. When I split the file into four panes (to keep row 1 in constant view in the upper vertical pane, and to keep column 1 in constant view in the left-most horizontal pane), the same issues occur as with when I set only the two vertical panes, PLUS now horizontal scrolling only (and always) scrolls the left-most two panes. Anyone know why I’m unable to two-finger touchpad vertical scroll through a Word document?

Anyone know why I’m unable to select which pane of an Excel document two-finger touchpad scrolling affects? My hard drive crashed so I had Win 10 installed with the replacement at the store.

That meant I had to reinstall Office 2010 and it did show it as successful BUT when done installing and accepting my product code it say I can open my old files. True, but that’s all. Nothing happens when clicking on the new icon. I cannot open the individual programs like Word or Access unless it’s through the retrieved files and it will not allow new files to be created once the old files are opened. Help • Taisir says.

Office Home And Student 2007 Iso

I have a Dell Notebook which came with pre-installed MS Office 2007 Professional software. Asterisk German Voice Prompts Icons there. Unfortunately, Windows XP developed a series of problems so I had to re-install it from scratch which wiped out MS Office (along with many other windows apps).

I tried reinstalling from other Office 2007 professional disks but the license number was invalid. After much research I discovered that I have 'Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007' which is an OEM specific version of the software and that is the reason that my license key would not work. No problem, I thought - I will just contact Dell and they can either supply the software on disk or it will be available for download from their web site. Bear in mind I am a long-standing (small) business customer and have been using Dell systems for probably 15 years or more. I currently have 2 desktops and 7 notebooks, all of which are Dell. I finally managed to get through to a person at Dell (great joy) and was informed that Dell no longer supplies or supports Office 2007 therefore it could not provide the software in any format for me to re-install.

Lets speak to Microsoft, I thought stupidly. No problem getting through but because my software is an OEM version, microsoft can not provide a copy of it - I need to go back to my system supplier (I feel the onset of deja vu!!). Back on to Dell. Iwantv Mobile App Free Download. No problem, sir - you just have to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (£269 from Dell with a new system) and your problem will be resolved. So there you have it - I buy a product from Dell for around £300 (the original cost of Office Professional 2007) and four years later the product is useless because I can not re-install it. I have a couple of questions of Dell: 1. Is this legal - I have purchased a product which is no longer usable through no fault of my own 2.

Is this ethical - It seems like some twisted method of selling more copies of Office 2010 (which, incidentally, I do not really want) 3. How many other people are in a similar predicament - having expensive software which is un-usable Unfortunatlely, under the sale of goods act, my contract is with Dell therefore they are responsible for resolving this problem. Even more unfortunately (not sure if that grammar is 100% correct so my apologies) Dell refuses point blank to assist in any way.

I doubt very much that all copies of their OEM software relating to 2007 Office were destroyed the instant that microsoft said they were no longer supporting it. In fact I suspect that there are copies which, as a professional copmpany, Dell has archived. But the down side is that I am powerless to do anything about it and I can not even find anyone to speak with to discuss this further. I suspect I have bought or recommended around 100 purchases of Dell systems in my life. That is either for my personal usage, business usage, or recommendations to friends, family and colleagues. Not a massive amount, I am sure you will agree..

But I can't seem myself making a 101st recommendation to buy Dell!!! Anyone else out there suffered a similar head-butting experience????

I have several times. Thats why I insist on getting the OEM CD's to restore BEFORE I have a problem. You could look on Ebay for OEM Office 2007 professional. Its not standard to include media for the OEM Preinstall versions of Office.

However microsoft does allow download of Office for the Retail Home and Student versions or the Business versions. Thats why I never get preinstall OEM anymore I always buy Retail and install myself. This is intentional on Microsoft's part its not dell's fault. They are restricted by microsoft to provide you with the media if it has been more than 1 year since you purchased the product. The trial version for Microsoft Office 2007 is no longer available. You can download a free trial of Microsoft Office 2010 instead.

This sounds like a media version / key mismatch. If the system was ordered from Dell with Office 2007 then you should have a Dell OEM Office CD and the required key is on the white card envelope. This key will not work with a retail CD.

Nor is it anything to do with the key on the base of the unit. So if, for example, you recovered the install key from the original installation and are trying to re-install with a retail CD it will not work. Or maybe the original system shipped with the 90 day trial copy of Home/Student and somebody upgraded. In that event the key was on the case for the purchased retail CD and you need a retail CD. Or the key was purchased from Microsoft.

On the assumption you have a valid Dell OEM Office 2007 Professional key but you have lost the CD, then you need to get a copy somewhere. OEM Pre installs DO NOT INCLUDE Media.

Unless you specifically ask for it at the time you order and pay an extra fee you do not get OFFICE media. Microsoft specifically prohibits Dell from distribution of System Builder media for office to the end user. When You insist on media it comes in the form of retail media with different COA Key. Microsoft now also allows you to buy a card with Key and Download Office from their site. Many Netbooks say this right on the box so the preinstalled Office starter can be upgraded to Home/Student or Business version by simply entering the non trial Key. Thanks for your comments.

In my defence: I bought a notebook from Dell in 2007 with Office Prof 2007 installed and I also purchased the restore / installation CDs for Office when I bought the notebook. Unfortunately that notebook was a bit of a 'rogue' with around 12 major faults developing in the first six months. Due to the severity and frequency of the faults, Dell was kind enough to provide me with a completely new notebook to replace the rogue notebook, once again with software all pre-installed.

As the version of Office 2007 was in theory the same on the new system as the version on the old (rogue) system, I stupidly thought the install CD's from the first system would work OK. When I try to install Office 2007 from the old notebook using the license key from the new notebook. 'INVALID LICENSE NUMBER'. Hence the current problems.