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Nv Dvr Cd Key

Problems with Remote Viewing not connecting nor loading while installing the WEBCAM drivers. Our web viewing software requires the PC to download and install our ActiveX Scripts.

Nv Dvr Cd KeyNv Dvr Cd Key

Due to some Internet Explorer security settings, this can prevent the needed files from being downloaded and installed properly. To resolve this issue, please follow the instructions below: • Click on Start, then Control Panel • Launch Internet Options • Click on the Security Tab • Click on the Custom Levels button • Scroll Down till you find the following options -Download unsigned ActiveX controls -Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting • Set the above options to prompt • Click OK to apply these changes • Click OK This should allow your browser to download and install the needed files correctly and allow you access to your DVR. I have lost my CD-key, what do I do? Option 1: If you previously uninstalled the software and now need to reinstall it but do not have the CD-Key, you can do a system restore to a previous date and obtain the CD-Key from the Registry by following the steps below. After completing the steps, you will see a registry file call SN on the right hand side, your CD-Key is the 16 digit number that follows.

• Click start • Choose Run • Type in Regedit • Click on HKey_Local_machine • Choose Software • Choose DSS • Choose DVR ***Note: This will not work if you have reformatted the computer or reinstall windows. ***Note this will only work on the NV series line. Rawkus Records Soundbombing 2 Rarest. Option 2:If the CD-Key is not able to be retrieved, you can purchase a new CD-Key ($15) by clicking on this link and following the ordering process. How do I set up AVerMedia DVR for Remote Viewing?

There are three primary steps you need to follow to enable web viewing over the internet. The first step is to set up the system that has the NV card to access your network. The second step is to setup your router. The third step is to setup a DDNS to allow computers on the internet to see the DVR system through the router. Step 1:Once the card has been installed and the software has been setup, you will need to setup the network option with the following steps.

• Make sure the DVR system is connected to the network and able to connect to the internet. • Go into the NV software. • Click on Setup, then Network. • Enable the cameras to make them viewable over the internet. • Remember the Server IP and remote console Port that is currently being used. • Remember the Web Viewer Port. ( Default is 80, but you can change this if your network has any restrictions on ports.) • Click Ok, then OK again • In order for PCs to access your DVR, the Network option must be enabled.

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Click on the Network button shown on the window. The button should change color, which will indicate that the option has been turned on. Once you have the network information from your system. You can go to a different computer on your network. Then open Internet Explorer and type the IP address of the NV server in the address box and hit enter.

This should connect to the NV server. If set up correctly, you should be prompted to install an ActiveX control. Give permission to install the ActiveX. It will then proceed to installing the correct software into the remote computer. If successful, a login will appear and our Web Viewer will be visible. Step 2:If you are able to connect through your LAN, then the settings on your NV server should be working. You will need to go into your router settings.

Depending on the model and brand of the router, you may need to consult the router manual to do the following. • Please verify that the Remote Console Port, Web Viewer Ports are opened and not being blocked or restricted in any way by your router. • Please set up a port forwarding. Pac File Bypass Proxy For Local Addresses In Williamsville. Depending on what ports you are using for Remote Console and Web Viewer, those specific ports need to be forwarded to the correct IP address of the NV server. Once the port forwarding is set, your router should be able to route any request for your NV server to the correct IP address. Step 3:If you are on a dynamic IP network, then you will need to setup a DDNS.

We offer DDNS at the following site, please note that you will need your CD-Key to access this feature. You can visit us at Once you have setup your DDNS and registered your domain name, you will need to go into your router settings and setup your DDNS info. You may need to refer to the router manual. If your router doesn’t support DDNS, please access the software settings.

Please proceed to Setup, then network, then input your DDNS information and allow the software handle the DDNS. You will need to have the following ports forwarded 53 and 1053.

Once your system, your network router, and DDNS is setup, you only need the domain name to access the DVR. When you attempt to access the DVR, you will be prompted to download and install an ActiveX component. Once download and installed, the login screen should appear and allow them to login.

All the needed software will be downloaded for the user. How do I set up my PDA/SmartPhone/Blackberry to do remote viewing of my DVR? To setup remote viewing on a compatible mobile device, follow the below steps: • Open Internet Explorer on your phone and enter in • Click on the link and it will ask you if you where you want to save the application • Save it to a place/folder on the phone that you can remember like “My Documents” • Go to the folder where you save the application and install it to the phone Once the program is downloaded and installed on your phone, you will find it in your file explore. By clicking on the software file, it will allow you to run the software. • Open the software file • Click on the ‘Connect’ button on the right corner • If you do not have any DVR listed, you can add your DVR by clicking “add” • Enter in all the DVR information ( Name, IP/Host name, Port#, Username, Password, and choose 512K as network type) • Click OK and then it will be added to the list • Select the added DVR and click on the preview button NOTE: For certain phone services, it may block certain ports that one might use for the WebViewer port.

Please contact your phone service to forward and change the WebViewer port to a different port. PDA/Smart Phone: To be able to do remote-viewing with your internet enable phone you will need a phone that is running at least Windows Mobile 6. Blackberry: We do have support for Blackberry. Remote viewing will vary depending on the different Blackberry models. How do I reset the EB1104NET to default factory settings?

To reset the EB1104NET to default factory settings, follow the below steps: • Disconnect the power cables, network cable, and camera cables from the unit. • Remove any removable hard drive from the external drive bay. • Remove the cover of the unit. • Disconnect the IDE ribbon cable and power cable from internal hard drive. • Locate the coin battery on the main board of the EB1104NET. • Remove and flip the battery and place it back upside down.

• Leave the battery upside down for 10 minutes. Note: Please do not power on the unit yet! • Remove the battery and flip it right side up and place it back into the battery slot.

• Reconnect the internal hard drive. • Close the cover of the unit. • Reconnect the removable hard drive. • Reconnect all cables into the unit and reconnect the power cable last. The unit will now have all the factory settings set to default.