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Lego Nxt Scorpion Program

Lego Nxt Scorpion ProgramLego Nxt Scorpion Program

LEGO, the LEGO logo, MINDSTORMS and the MINDSTORMS logo are trademarks of the/sont des marques de commerce de/son marcas registradas de LEGO Group. ©2010 The LEGO Group. This is my nxt 2.0 scorpion i made, it is fighting a sphero! I have modified the nxt bonus model spike to make this. I will not post a instructable on it because i.

With the help from the Mindstorms Community Partners (MCP), LEGO has released for the NXT 2.0 set. However, they are not easily found on the LEGO website. This page is a collection of pictures and links to the bonus projects. Robot Square does not host the instructions or programs.

Credits (and questions) go to the original designers. Requirements: All you need is one NXT 2.0 set Asking for help: If you have any issues with the building or programming instructions, please contact the original designer of this robot! Asking for help here isn’t very effective, because I did not design these robots. Therefore, I do not know the details of the designs or solutions to problems you may run into. I’m just keeping this collection here to make all these designs easy to find. Happy building! 1# M.O.R.P.H M.O.R.P.H • Designed by: Kirk Backstrom • • • 2# Llama Llama • Designed by: Fay Rhodes • • • Programming instructions are in the same document as the building plans.

3# Manty Manty • Designed by: Laurens Valk • • • 4# Stonehenge Stonehenge • Designed by: Philippe Hurbain • • • • 5# Segway with Rider Segway with Rider • Designed by: Dave Parker • • • • 6# NXTitzki NXTitzki • Designed by: Matthias Paul Scholz • • • 7# Archfish Archerfish • Designed by: Fay Rhodes • • • Programming instructions are in the same document as the building plans. 8# Tripod Tripod • Designed by: Daniele Benedettelli • • • 9# MindCuber MindCuber • Designed by: David Gilday • • • • 10# Pinball Pinball Machine • Designed by: Rob Torok • • 11# Color Programmable Car CPC: Color Programmable Car • Designed by: • () • • 12# Lotto Bot Lotto Bot • Designed by: • • (Commented by Robot Square reader Foton) Videos Here’s a few videos showing some of the bonus models in action, so you can see what the robots do before you build them.

Not all videos are made by the original robot designers. 1# M.O.R.P.H 2# Llama 3# Manty 4# Stonehenge 5# Segway with Rider 6# NXTitzki 8# Tripod 9# MindCuber 10# Pinball 12# Lotto Bot. I just build the Color programmable car (bonus model 11). I love the idea, but building instructions are horrible. Almost one fixed view, even when building behind “the wall”. Ads Minitv Usb Driver Windows 7.

Files for CPC include not only program in NXT-G but also a photos of builded model. These are VERY helpfull. I have problem with runing program, because if the ball is close to sensor, it reads nonsence or nothing. The inner space in ball cage is 3 studs, ball are 2 studs in diameter. Sensor is about 0.5 stud off the standard grid, so you have space before him 2.5 studs.

HWn ball is 0.5 stud from sensor, it reads right data. But when it falls to 0 studs from sensor, anything could happened. I tried to fixit (make balls to be “off” the sensor) with orange teeth or thin liftarms, but then balls start to stuck sometimes in the cage. Probably, soon I rebuild the robot completely to have cage space 2×2 studs. I want to use two of them in Flagball game (see )!

I thing that this one is color sensor. Program use 1 color sensor, 1 ultrasound sensor and 2 touch sensors.

Touch sensors are at instruction 21 (33-36) and 14 (117-120) at ports 1 and 2. Ultrasound is at instruction 1(133-136) and port 4. Color sensor is at port 3 and probably instruction 14 (page 21-24). As I search throught the building instructions, they are merely same bad as Color Prog. Car (bonus model 11). There are no cable connection picture!! If this coul go to official Lego webpage, what else we can expect.

Eminent Persians Pdf Printer. The program is in EXE format for NXT cube. You cannot open it as common RBT files. It is binary (already compiled) file.

The download instructions are included in ZIP as README.txt file. After download, the program can be found in “Files” at NXT cube. Shorted Citation from README.txt: The software for MindCuber is provided as an executable software file that you can download to the NXT brick using the standard LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 software by following these steps: 1. Select “Remote Control” from the “Tools” menu to open the “Remote Control” dialog 2. Select “Connections” open the connection dialog 3. Scan for your NXT and connect via USB or Bluetooth in the usual way 4.

Select the “Memory” tab in the connection dialog 5. Select “Download” and use the file dialog to select the MindCuber.rxe file to download to the NXT MindCuber is now ready to go! I show mindcuber on exhibition and there are two thing, where it can can failed to solve the cube: 1) Cannot scan the sides =>“scan error” 2) After succesfull scanning one step in solving is not completed corretly and you have to start again. The final score is somethin about: 60 starts 25 succesfull scans 8 finaly solved cubes So be patient 🙂 When it finally get solved it is awesome. Ad 1) – I have two Rubik’s cube, sometimes switching them helped. – Be sure you have common colored cube, because there is only calibration for white (detecting ambient light), not for all colors. – Clean cube with cloth ad 2) – there is nothing You can do.

Just try it again. Funny part is that if step failed at certain remaining steps and You rerun program, number of steps remainnig steps gets bigger (eg. I have LEGO’s MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 8547 FW 1.31, AVR 1.01, BC4 1.01. I built 9# MindCuber. When I run the program the NXT shows “Remove cube ” whether there is a cube present or not. With no cube present at start of program, NXT shows” Remove cube ”. If I depress the orange button, displays shows “Calibrate white’ in addition to “Remove cube ”.

I have tested the ultrasonic sensor in View. The ultrasonic sensor seems to be working properly. Minimum achievable distance is 4cm or approximately 2In.

Any suggestions? Hey Brad,I was checking out these fly finhisg reels also on ebay and you can get a great deal on them there. I saw a Abel super 11 would cost you at least $400 to $500 brand new. I found one on ebay for under $100. Of course it was used.

But you gave Dee some good advice about finding a cheap one before she dove in with a brand new one. I have fly fished for about a year. My first love is deep sea finhisg and I always have a abu garcia in my hand. Nice blog and great info I will be back.take care~Tee •. Resetting Your NXT Brick 1.

First of all, try pulling out the batteries and see if that will reset the brick. If that doesn’t work, you will notice a little button inside the battery compartment. Push it down for 5 seconds. This will create a “soft” reset. If these steps don’t work, a “hard” reset will need to be performed. You will need to reinstall firmware when you are finished. Unplug the USB cord from the computer.

Looking at the face of the NXT, iden tify the top right corner, easy to spot because it has the USB connection there. Keep focusing on that corner as you roll the NXT over to look at its back side, where you should now s ee some peg holes (three, a space, and then three more; matching on es on the opposite end of the battery compartment) d. You want to carefully look into the corner- peg hole near the USB cord plug-in and you will find that deep in it, there is a button. Holding this button in for a few seconds with something like a paperclip, will put the NXT into Samba Mode, which is a dead screen and a quiet ticking noise will begin. Now you can plug in the USB cord to your computer and download the firmware back onto it using the instructions below. Your NXT should be operational again.

All the programs will more than likely be erased. Click the below link to see visual.

Hello, to get this program, you just need to do the following: 1.) click the hypertext “Program” on the mindcuber project#9 above the comments. 2.) make sure you’re using google chrome browser and it should show that it is being downloaded. 3.) click the arrow for a list of options next to the download at the bottom of your monitor.

Select show in folder. It should be in the downloaded files. 4.) open your lego mindstorms nxt 2.0 programming interface 5.)create a new program 6.) click on the NXT window in the bottom right corner 7.)select your nxt it should be connected to your computer 8.)select the memory tab in the nxt window 9.)click download 10.) locate your folder that contains the program(zip file that you downloaded)its should be in your downloads folder 11.)then select it and click download 12.) Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!