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Intelligent Investor Ebook Mobilism

By September 7, 2012 Do you want to become familiar with the world of investing? Do you want to create wealth through stock investing? Do you want to learn about fundamental analysis of stock market? If the answer is “Yes” the “The Intelligent Investor” written by Benjamin Graham is the perfect book for you. In fact it is one of the best books about investing.

Not only that the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffet says The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is, “by far the best book about investing ever written.” The book,”The Intelligent Investor” is well known for the concept of “value investing”. Value investing is all about purchasing a stock at a significant discount to it’s intrinsic value. It also demands a “margin of safety” for all stock purchase.

Intelligent Investor Ebook Mobilism

So a great company is not always a great purchase if it is traded significantly higher than it’s intrinsic value. Key points to learn from the book “The Intelligent investor” • Keep it simple. Investing is not a rocket science. Buy simple business at an attractive price. Buy companies not the stock. • Nobody can predict the market perfectly. So don’t rely on the prediction of so called “market experts”.

Zt2 Download more. Ovvoru Friendum Theva Machan Full Song. When great value stock opportunities start to dry up, a lot of investors make the mistake of buying low quality stocks or demanding a far smaller margin of safety. Daniel Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ, is a seminal work in this area and Goleman himself is widely regarded as the. It has long been out of print, but now joins Graham's other masterpieces, The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis, as the three priceless keys to understanding Graham and value investing. The advice he offers in this book is as useful and prescient today as it was sixty years ago. As he writes in the.

• Try to find out the intrinsic value of the company. Only buy stocks where there is a “margin of safety”. Stay invested as long as you are logically confident about that business. • Find out a fair value for a company. Buy stocks only when the stock price is lower than that fair value. • Diversification is good but don’t over diversify.

• Investing is not gambling. It is based on thorough research and analysis. • Don’t follow the masses.

If you want to get better result you have to be different.