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How To Program The Logitech Harmony 300i

Hi i lost my remote for the Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2+ and aftre a fair few hours and emails, i have 3 options and to start with DONT get a Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 remote it wont work you will need the ' + ' remote 1# if you shop around you can can a new unit for about 24 quid and a new remote 2# found this compaley 'satechi' in the US If you ahve a look at there stuff for cale you will find a little unit they call 'Satechi Cyclone Micro 2+ ' and it looks the same and they sell a remote for under $5. Did contact them and was told 'YES IT WILL WORK ' but i didnt get a responce back about postage as it was going to be $40 postage to the UK 3# one for all remote contrals said this when i contacted them We have a code matching with the Sumvision device CycloneMicro2+. However, this code has been creted recently, therfore is not in the memory of most of our One For All remote controls on the market. You could consider as first option, to purchase a remote control which can be connected via USB to your computer (compatible only with Windows) and download the code from our database.

How To Program The Logitech Harmony 300i

Customize your Harmony. Set up a Watch TV Activity to automatically power on/off devices you use to watch TV, such as your TV, audio/video receiver, and cable/satellite receiver. After pressing the Watch TV button, be sure to keep the remote pointed at your devices until the device buttons turn off.

The remote controls which can operate this procedure are: URC8602 One For All XSight Colour URC8603 One For All XSight Touch URC8610 One For All XSight Lite URC8620 One For All XSight Plus As second option, there are remote controls which can be upgraded only via post. In this case, you will need to send the remote control in to our distributor in Swansea. The remote control will be sent back to you with the code in the memory and totally compatible with your Sumvision device. The following remote controls are covered by the 'post upgrade' service: URC 7940 OFA Comfort Line 4 URC 7950 OFA Comfort Line 5 URC 7140 OFA Essence 4 URC 7960 OFA Smart Control 6 URC 7962 OFA Smart Control Motion this was the potion i took. I got the OFA Essence 4 off ebay new and packaged for £9 and sent it off to them.

Recorded delevery, about 5 days later it arived and workes mutch better then the one out the box. All the main buttons work. As for being able to select difrent audios ect, it doesnt, but then it might be because i got the buget model that OFA sell. All in all £9 for the unit + £3 pound delevery i am happy. And when i get around to it i will re prorgram the remote for my tv,amp ect hope this helps some one. Answer to thread above - Sumvision Micro 2+ is a small, but pretty powerful media player (no network capability). A new Micro 3 is the latest version in the stable.

I had a similar problem with a lost remote. Tried for ages to get a replacement through ebay, various threads, Sumvision's site, but to no avail.

I tried the recommendations of the above post, but the OFA remotes did not recognise Sumvision Micro 2+ on the internet. The offsite update also could not confirm that they could get the codes, apparently from Holland. I purchased instead a Logitech Harmony 300i. Gta San Andreas Cleo Teleport Mod Download. This remote connects to the PC and the functions are downloaded from the internet. Logitech's Harmony servers already had the Sumvision Micro 2+ codes and now I have a perfect remote. The Harmony can be programmed to emulate 4 remotes. Added benefit is that you can edit the program sent to your remote and re-assign keys if you want to, and add functions listed on the remote, but not added via the autoprogram.

The remote is hardy and is pretty inexpensive too. I picked one up for the equivalent of US$21. Sure beats buying a whole new Micro 2+ unit. Maximus Arcade Serial Cracking.