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Hondo Guitar Serial Numbers

Hondo Guitar Serial Numbers

Anyone here heard of Hondo guitars? A friend gave it to me after the Simpsons movie last night so I want to know a little about these guitars. All I really know is that they are an old Japanese guitar company. The guitar itself is pretty old but well kept for the most part it just needs a new set of tuners and strings. I plan on using it for my project guitar now that I finally have one. I should have some pics up later on tonight. -Denny Member #2 of the Coheed and Cambria fanclub, PM dementedpuppy to join.

Hondo Guitar Serial Numbers

From what i've heard, they are absolutely terrible. Someone tried to sell me a secondhand Hondo banjo for £110 though also, someone took a hondo mandolin to be valued in this store, and the guy working there just said to me 'yeah we'll have a good look at it, pick it up in a few days' and when the person who brought it in had gone, he immediately said 'this mandolin is absolutely worthless, i feel like paying the guy to not bring it in here again, its lowering our standards'. (it was placed on the end of the £1k fender line.) EDIT: of course if it was free you can't really complain, but you won't be able to sell it if it is awful. I've heard that the headstocks break off easily too. Rig Winter 2017: Fender Jazzmaster/Yamaha SG1000 Boss TU-3, DS-2, CS-3, EHX small stone, Danelectro delay Laney VC30-112 with G12H30 speaker, or Session Rockette 30 for smaller gigs Elixir Nanoweb 11-49 strings, Dunlop Jazz III XL picks Shure SM57 mic in front of the amp.

From what i've heard, they are absolutely terrible. Someone tried to sell me a secondhand Hondo banjo for £110 though also, someone took a hondo mandolin to be valued in this store, and the guy working there just said to me 'yeah we'll have a good look at it, pick it up in a few days' and when the person who brought it in had gone, he immediately said 'this mandolin is absolutely worthless, i feel like paying the guy to not bring it in here again, its lowering our standards'. (it was placed on the end of the £1k fender line.) EDIT: of course if it was free you can't really complain, but you won't be able to sell it if it is awful. I've heard that the headstocks break off easily too.

Neck guitars and set neck hondo's are quite rare. Slimpicker a serialnumber wont help, in the most cases they just made those up, only the production date is sometimes to get out of it. That is if you can find a serialnumber at all, only my uncle mat hondo has a serial number the genesis has no number at all. The Seventies was the era of Classic Rock, so it’s not surprising that so many new guitar brands were flourishing then. But it was a less innocent time than the.

Meh I'm just gonna replace some hardware and use it as a better and traveling guitar for band practice and whatnot really. EDIT: Would this guitar require metric or standard bushings for a replacement bridge and tailpiece? I am thinking metric but I am not sure. How would you measure it anyway? -Denny Member #2 of the Coheed and Cambria fanclub, PM dementedpuppy to join. OK, now the true story behind Hondo Guitars, I own 6 Hondo guitars. 2 Longhorn 6, 2 Longhorn 4/8 Bass, 1 Longhorn 6/12 and 1 M-16.

The M-16 is not as high quality as the Longhorns but cool looking and a novelty to own. The Longhorns are superior to many guitars out there.

None of what I own are the 'Burst Colors' as those were made after American guitar makers made mine to show NAM and to introduce the technology to Japan. High quality with 31 frets, DiMarzio's, Grover 18-1 Tuners, Brass hardware including Nut, TR Cover & Tailpiece, Pre-Amp with Phase Switching, Natural Mahogany or Bronze colors. I own a Gibsons, Fenders, Guild and more, I compare the playability of the Longhorn 6's to that of my 72 Gibson SG Professional w/2 P-90's, only my Hondo's have 0 mileage, new and preserved. Today, you can get a Hondo for $20 new, crap. Target - Mid to late 70's Hondo's are the real deal and highly collectable. By the way, they are American made by Jerry Reed and Tommy Moore as Marketing devices to sell the company. Don't be fooled, do your research, the real deal's have gold inlay logo's with bronze Truss rod covers with non burst colors and not Hondo II's.

These guitars play like butter, extremely smooth. OK, now the true story behind Hondo Guitars, I own 6 Hondo guitars.

2 Longhorn 6, 2 Longhorn 4/8 Bass, 1 Longhorn 6/12 and 1 M-16. The M-16 is not as high quality as the Longhorns but cool looking and a novelty to own. The Longhorns are superior to many guitars out there. None of what I own are the 'Burst Colors' as those were made after American guitar makers made mine to show NAM and to introduce the technology to Japan. High quality with 31 frets, DiMarzio's, Grover 18-1 Tuners, Brass hardware including Nut, TR Cover & Tailpiece, Pre-Amp with Phase Switching, Natural Mahogany or Bronze colors. I own a Gibsons, Fenders, Guild and more, I compare the playability of the Longhorn 6's to that of my 72 Gibson SG Professional w/2 P-90's, only my Hondo's have 0 mileage, new and preserved. Ads Minitv Usb Driver Windows 7.

Today, you can get a Hondo for $20 new, crap. Target - Mid to late 70's Hondo's are the real deal and highly collectable.

By the way, they are American made by Jerry Reed and Tommy Moore as Marketing devices to sell the company. Don't be fooled, do your research, the real deal's have gold inlay logo's with bronze Truss rod covers with non burst colors and not Hondo II's. These guitars play like butter, extremely smooth. Thanks for the info.

I have since traded mine to a fellow UG'er in the area who is extremely happy with it. I guess I was passing my LP type phase and I'm only left with my Agile. Whoa, that looks like a nice old one, possible. I just bought a cheapie one for like 70 bucks, with no hardware.But it's a neck through double cutaway Les Paul.

It's in the GBC forum. How's the guitar play?

That's the most important part, after all. Yeah its from the 70's circa I was told by another guitar player who collected these in my area. The guitar played really smooth for me.

Neck was nice and chunky but it felt right at home for me and was lighter then my AL so I favored it when traveling for rehearsal and some small gigs. All in all it was a nice guitar. -Denny Member #2 of the Coheed and Cambria fanclub, PM dementedpuppy to join.

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We can send a quick Paypal invoice to you for this E-Appraisal and get started. ORDER YOUR JVG- E-Guitar Appraisal TODAY! Email us your request NOW for your Appraisal at . Another Quality Ibanez Guitar.This example is MODEL VINTAGE # V302 BS.And it IS A REAL GEM and it has a Premium German Sitka SOLID Spruce Top, WoW! What a nice original finish this one has.AAA Mahogany Sides-Neck & Back 'see quality og the grain in the pics'. Lots of Full-and Wonderful rich tone from this baby. Its real ez to play & stays in tune well.

It is a crafted in Japan guitar and it compairs favorably to Gibson, Guild or Martin! Please Note: If you prefer the guitar in Natural and not sunburst see our other listing for another V302 non sunburst we have in stock & available. Thank you for your interest, Joe. We are VERY pleased to present a very special example Alvarez Yairi Classical guitar.

The condition of this high end instrument is excellent plus and this guitar is simply wonderful. This is hand built example by The Kazou Yairi himself, Japanese Master Luthier. For those of you not familiar with the Premier Japanese Master Luthier Kazou Yairi and his masterfuly built instruments you may enjoy this vidio introduction to YAIRI GUITARS The model is CY116 and is a very high-end professional guitar and is in excellent Plus condition. Only the highest grade woods used as you can see.choice AAA Flamed-Quilted and is 3-dimensional depth is a work of art as you can see by the pictures.

This guitar plays and sound AMAZING and is truly inspirational. This guitar shows very little fret wear. There are just a few minor nicks or scratches which is normal wear for a guitar of this vintage that has been lovingly played.

This one is a one owner adult owned guitar and comes with its high quality custom hard shell case too. General Specs: Alvarez Yairi CY116 Classical Acoustic Guitar The CY116's Solid Cedar Top is adorned by an elaborate wooden mosaic rosette. Burled Maple Back/Sides give this classical amazing clarity and warmth like the fiery Andalusian plains that inspired the music that this guitar was born to perform. With room-filling projection, the CY116 is a guaranteed conversation starter. You hear it in the elegant pacing of a classical air. You see it in the vivid charm of a folk dance.

Specs: Burled Mahogany Back/Sides Solid Cedar Top Mahogany Neck Ebony Fingerboard Scale: 25 1/2' (650mm) Width at Nut: 2' (51mm) Rosewood Bridge Ivory Body Binding Wooden Mosaic Rosette Gold Vintage Open-Style Tuning Machines. Here we have another great Yamaha Its Sound is truly WELL beyond its price point someone will be very pleased. Aprox.1972-74 YAMAHA FG160 WOW!.This is a Gorgeous MARTIN style REPLICA and for the money compares very well to the original in quality materials used.sweet vintage SPRUCE TOP now wonderfully ambered in color from age just too cool, The Back - Sides & Neck are all made from choice AAA Mahogany just what you would expect from an expensive Martin or Gibson.only you would expect to pay much more for one of those, but this is a rare early non 'Nippon Gakki' model with the Red Label from Korea. These early issue Red Label Guitars from Korea utilize the very same materials that were made in Japan. These components were used under strict quality control and 100% assembled in Korea from the very same vintage wood - components & parts as the Japan made Yamaha's. We have had many of these Red Labeled Yamaha's in the 180's & 160's currently and over the years I see up close and in person the very high grade AA mahogany neck s sides & back & the same nice nickel tuners & hardware the very same one piece solid neck no scarf joint at the back of the headstock area like the later Korean & Chinese examples. This era exhibits just the same just as nice woods as those Japanese big dollar players but ' SOME' not all are hidden treasures and are still a real bargain today when compared to the Japanese Red Label versions or a Martin or even Japan made models of this & finish & the materials on this guitar are very nice!

This guitar does not take the back seat to the Red Label Nippon Gakki version at all. The action is very EZ to play and the TONE is simply wonderful.The Condition is very good++ to excellent vintage it is not mint,and it is not has natural minor play wear and dings associated with a well loved and played quality guitar it has all the rich patina now of a true vintage acoustic and is quite beautiful in its own right. This guitar has a good history of care its a California guitar where the climate is stable and quite favorable to guitars and was adult owned & loved. This guitar has the preferable a nice MEATY U Shaped Premium Mahogany one piece solid NECK, the frets are still good, The Rosewood is gorgeous too it looks to be Premium grade as well.You will not be disappointed with this guitar at this price the sound is rich like a an expensive $1,000+ guitar, big repairs, structural damage.It comes with a new set of Martin strings installed ready to play out of the box. TRULY STUNNING, SEE MORE. This baby is nice and sweet in person.very nice,, with a classic MARTIN LIKE feel & Sweet-Tone that simply is very hard to beat. The neck is STRAIGHT and the frets are fine w/plenty of life left,this baby plays real nice she stays in tune very well..nice workmanship & choice select materials used.You will not be disappointed with this FINE YAMAHA FG160 guitar with NICE TONE & SOUND.its a real Great Player.This guitars condition is rated at a 8+ Very good+ or better and is very good to excellent condition only a few very minor dings can be seen.

This is a real Vintage guitar' and as you can see its in Gorgeous shape! No known problems cracks-breaks-repairs with no other known issues at all. This one is is 100% READY TO GO!!! Its in very good to excellent condition a solid 8+ OR BETTER.

Here is another fine example of a Professional high quality Japan Crafted guitars.this one is 'cross-braced' and is a Dreadnought style acoustic like a martin type exhibiting superior solid construction as well as the very high grade Mahogany body Top - Sides & Back which appears to be all-solid. The necks fretboard is a wonderful Indian Rosewood. This example is believed to be a Vintage 1986 Model. Serial # 86021355.

The sound is rich and expressive and very tonefull as would be expected from a quality built instrument. The playability 'action' is great EZ to play and this guitar stays in tune very well to with its quality Original Takamine sealed Chrome tuners 'grover type' This guitar is professional grade and will serve you well. This guitar is not a new guitar and IS a real VINTAGE guitar and has mellowed well and its condition is rated a solid 8.5/10 very good-excellent with some natural wear -dings-scratches etc. Overall appearance is Gorgeous!

And is sure to please. Here we have a cool vintage piece. Made in USA and is highly Possible this is a Gibson Archtop. Great Original condition make this a great find.this one is a Solid 8.5/10 condition. This one still has the original tuners and pick guard too. The neck is straight and the frets are still OK.and wow what a supprise this one plays great!nice vintage repairs or damages just natural play wear and dings etc associated with a true vintage player.EZ on the eyes see the great detailed bindings!

And wow this baby sounds very nice.great for Jazz. Talk about sweet. Gorgeous exotic Hawaiian woods. Great Martin Copy from the later 60's This example is a Well Crafted in Japan model with the 'orange lable' Nippon Gakki highly collectable now as a great player Martin like player. Great wood.just see the pics WoW!

Sitka Soruce Top, Premium AAA Grade Mahogany neck - sides & back.Made by serious craftsmen high degree of skill and well balanced. Nice big Tone as a Martin same type X bracing and is a proven performer.

Nicely aged wood and is a wonderful playing 7 sounding vintage guitar equal to many more expensive builders like Martin. This one has a slight stable old top crack as glued and is not an issue anymore.Plays like butta.You will love the sound!. Here we have a VERY WELL MADE 1978 Vintage Japanese Quality Replica of G!b$@n Dove Acoustic guitar. This is a 'SUPERB' top of the line model its Premium woods used in its construction along with very good workmanship see the bindings and the detail wow.and has now over the past 28 years has wonderfully aged into a very nice vintage guitar in its own right. The Vintage aged spruce top is of a high quality on often seen today with a woderful aged finish, also see the sides back & neck all made of premium grade mahogany WoW! The finish is SUNBURST and was done by a master no doubt I compair this very favorably with any G!b$@n for its fit & finish and sound!

Believed to be from the same factory as the Aria and a few others exported to St. Lousi music in the 70's.this example is in very good - excellent original condition rated 8.5++/10 Quite a clean example. The frets are in good condition the neck is straight and tuners work well all and all a very enjoyable player with a wonderful rich tone.

A Gig bag or case is optional and is available. Dont be fooled by the low price under $400 this guitar would cost over $1200 today out of Japan!

Thie is a Bargain find get her before shes gone.. Here we have for your consideration the Booming classic vintage Yamaha FG 160 Acoustic Guitar Made in Japan in the early 70's from Nippon Gakki factory. This example is an eary 70's a more RARE version Yamaha FG 160 again this example is the Made In Japan Nippon Gakki and not to be mistaken for the similar Korean version of the FG-160 which is also nice but not the same as these apples/oranges this is a great guitar. This example was built over 35 years ago and was built to very high detailed standards workmanship are wonderful quality as well as some of the best woods available in that time period to compete with the great Martin and now this Yamaha is quite well aged and is a true SINGING vintage guitar in its own right.

This one has the Amber/Tan label and not the Red Label. The frets have good height and appear newish and though to probably to have had a fret job done sometime in it's past. The guitar has it's natural age and patina with a few expected minor nicks,dings and scratches from a well loved and played instrument. This fine example is on the way. We upon receiving we will remove strings clean and detail the guitar oil rosewood and polish finish, set intonation and set up this guitar to play very well and may include new bone nut/saddle/strings we have several of these old Yamahas and they are amazing instruments very well compared to Martin, Taylor, Gibson for there fine construction and playability with amazing tone for this kind of money. Here s a link to Harmony Central if you care to reAll New pics and additional info soon to come. We are proud to offer this very Rare and beautiful and highly collectible vintage 1983 Alvarez Electric/Acoustic 5078 with a les Paul style body shape.

Top of the line workmanship fit & finish work here Crafted in Japan this is the limited special production Anniversary model made in 1983. This truly fine rare example comes with its nice original Alvarez black exterior tolex with the blue Martin style plush lined hard shell case.

Did we say SUPER RARE.WoW!we were completely amazed at the fact that this ( Les Paul style baby sounds so great plugged in or unplugged just beautiful. This one has a rich full bodied sound as an acoustic which is hard to find with this thin Les Paul shaped body makes it very comfortable to play long duration and not to mention did we say BEAUTIFUL as well as a real unique player.see the Headstock shape in the pictures this is truly a real beauty. This one is sure to please the Vintage Alvarez Acoustic lover. I'm a vitage Alvarez believer & after you see and play and hear this so will you.

Condition for a 26 year old vintage guitar this thing is darn near mint with just a few tiny minute dings, see the detailed high res pictures for all the cosmetics, JVG RATED at 9.2 out of 10. Any questions? Please email us @ Thanks for your interest!. Here we have a real vintage Rare IBANEZ CONCORD beauty from the Golden Era of the Best Japanese Martin D41 style guitars period. Here we have old '3-hole' this is another great Japanese Vintage Guitar! This one is over 40 years old wow!its wonderfully aged woods contribute to its rich great sound.

This example is one of the greatest Martin style Copies from one of the finest 'law Suit' Acoustic instrument builders of Japan Yamaha Nippon Gakki.This model is the very popular FG-140 RED LABEL.JUST IN!so more info soon to come please see the detailed pics of this guitar for a link to many more pictures ( 40 ) or more from every angle Very good- excellent condition If your wondering why we call this one '3-hole' is because someone in its past life had an electric pickup of some type and it came to us with 3 tinny holes in the top. We have since filled the 3-tiny holes one on upper treble bout and 2 below the rosewood bridge.

We filled & clear coated so its all solid and is very hard to see but are their also a fine hairline crack threw the finish exists at the bottom of the neck the original owner said its been their more than 20 years and has not changed and is solid.if wanted after sale for free at your request fill sand it and fill with lacquer and sand and buff smooth I expect that would do the trick to cosmetically improve the look of that but its really fine as is. What is rare about this oldie but goodie its all original and even has the original gold lined Yamaha logo Hard shell case in pretty respectable shape too.see the extra pics ( I will have a link to those pics posted later ) for those details. Great sound and pretty EZ to play too I just Cleaned it to remove the grime but leave all the original patina and also dehydrated the woods and she drank it up and after drying we finished it of with a fresh coat of wax finish was applied the woods still shine like a shinny new dime. Great old guitar. JVG Rated in Very good Original Vintage condition with its share of natural play ware visible upon closest inspection of the neck width is 1-3/4 @ nut and the action is set good at 3-16ths @ 12th fret. The fretboard and frets still playing well no need for a refret some fret indentations yes but its still plays just fine at 80+%, top has aged naturally with nice Patina now and has several fine finish cracks etc.same as a well loved and played 40+ year old Martin would have at several thousand dollars less than a 40+ year old martin.

This guitar has been restrung with New Martin Marquis Strings and sounds great.This one you have the option of buying an original vintage Yamaha Hard Shell Case.these cases are rare and hard to find now the handle was warn and has a replacement quick fix and it works perfectly.just $69.00 additional. 1969 Alvarez 5053 Acoustic Brazilian Jacaranda Rare Old Script Logo WoW Here we have one of the very fine Alvarez model#5053 a very High End Japanese crafted Martin D-45 Copy from this golden era. This example is an oldie but a goodie made in 1969 #5053.Bone nut & saddle for the preferable upgrade to a true bone nut & saddle and of course the strings are new Martin Marquis 80/20. This is a unique & exotic true Vintage Japanese version of the classic ornate Martin D-45 again this one was Crafted in Japan by one of the finest acoustic instrument builders from this time period Alvarez, This guitar is possibly even a bit more fancy than even the actual Martin D-45 with the intricate exotic woods inlayed wow see this examples 3-piece back simply gorgeous! The Martin D-45 version just has a 2-piece back in most cases.This example is an Alverez model #5053.,,see pic detail. Bound body(front w/b/w/b/w/b/w, back w/b/w/b),bound neck(white),bound peg head(w/b/w).

See the Beautiful detailed Abalone inlay around the sound hole with its white mother of pearl fret markers. With an adjustable Brazilian Jacaranda Rosewood bridge with a bone saddle and sweet smelling exotic looking Rosewood fretboard that is simply stunning. Special truss rod cover that has the word Alvarez in gold lettering.

Select Sitka AAA Spruce top, - awesome landscape figure sides are very figured exotic rosewood. Smells great. Wonderful exotic figuring please see the pics. For the back and sides Better pictures to come soon.The superbly detailed ornate Perfling between the woods on the back is just absolutely stunningly gorgeous,unbelievable craftsmanship at this price point!!

I've only seen one other like it. Except or the other one we have!!!! Yes we have another 1974 available 5053 in stock as well!WoW! That's Lightning striking twice.

Real difficult to find much info on these rare exotics. A truly Beautiful vintage Japanese acoustic guitar and quite the collectible instrument.for the person wanting only the best at a fair price.not on sale for $6,000-8000 like the vintage Martin would be this one is a true bargain Vintage exotic at under $1500 unheard of. What a great find.

JVG Rated at a solid 8.5/10 very good original Vintage condition. This one is so very close to our Yairi 5060 we had its quality like the Yairi without the signed label.and the price tag for hundreds less a truly great find.. Here we have another very Beautiful and rare 'The Aria Model' Vintage Japanese F style Mandolin with such amazing tone!!! Nearing 40 years old these are AMAZING! This is the rare ' The Aria' Model M700 as seen on the Classic inlay in the headstocks Gorgeous Brazilian Rosewood veneer is a super beautiful Japanese example of the highly revered F style mandolin made famous by Gibson. These older models were put out during the 1970s this example was 1973. These premium examples have become so popular with Players & Collectors over the past several years now.

The inlays on the neck and headstock and the classic violin sunburst on this model are simply gorgeous! The top is solid tight grained old growth Sitka spruce and the back & sides are premium AAA figured & flamed maple, the neck is Mahogany This particular M 700 is in very good condition with some minimal wear from playing please refer to the pics for those details. The original case and pick guard are also still present and do come with this fine instrument the guard is simply off for now.

With the resurgence in popularity of Bluegrass and other music styles utilizing the wonderful Mandolin sound in recordings and live performances these rare Gibson Replicas vintage mandolins have been steadily increasing in popularity and in value because players are catching onto the great old high end vintage Japanese instruments now so the demand has risen accordingly. If you're looking for a great Vintage Mandolin that is extremely well made with top craftsmanship utilizing top the grade AAA woods that have now aged and have a wonderful vintage patina to them these are the affordable Japanese vintage F Mandolin alternative choice to a $5000.00 - $10,000 vintage Gibson F-5.thats why many Pros today are seeking the best vintage for a great deal. This Old Aria M700 is simply a great one!

This little beauty was built in 1991 Model: D10n- N is for Natural and is beginning to open up in sound quality over the new issues of the D-10 and is a great value we believe this one is better sounding then new and now is it has freshly been upgraded with a bone nut & new Martin Marquis strings installation just today and now it rings sweet &clear tone much like our vintage Yamaha Fg - Takamine f- Martin d, Yairi. Like tones for a fraction of that.wood & finish on this example is almost mint it virtually looks just as new.9.9 JVG condition rating.nearly 20 years old coming into its own town wise and is almost like new.No problems cracks or repairs. # Solid Spruce Top this example has nice straight grain and is in real nice condition # Mahogany sides/back.again good grain pattern and fit and finish are very nice+++ # Mahogany neck size is medium ++ 1 11/16th' @ the nut with adjustable trussrod.beautiful grain Mahogany with a perfect fit & finish.neck set original & excellent # Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.both nice east Indian rosewood. Rich appearance to this example # Natural/buffed thin Poly gloss body finish / wow! Very nice too # Black pickguard # Stained mahogany/buffed gloss neck.nice American size neck not thin like many made today.this one feels American med++ size.

Like a Gibson or Martin. # Quality Chrome die cast tuning machines = work excellent # Multi lam top binding # Neck binding # Soundhole rosette # Width at nut: 1 11/16th # Scale length: 25.5' # Overall Length: 41' # Lower bout: 15 5/8' # Upper bout: 11 5/8' # List Price in 1991: $499.90 # Colors: Natural Note: All dimensions and specifications are given to the best of our knowledge from actual measurements and/or manufacturer's specifications. Small variances and/or discrepancies may exist. Just in and as it is priced so reasonably for a clean 21 year old vintage acoustic I believe this will not last long at this price. Better snap her up while you can!

Thanks for your interest any questions email pics to come asap. Here we have another excellent FG160 for your serious consideration the Yamaha FG 160 Acoustic Guitar Made in Japan in the early - mid 70's from Nippon Gakki factory. This example is an early 70's a more RARE version Yamaha FG 160 again this example is the Made In Japan Nippon Gakki and not to be mistaken for the similar Korean version of the FG-160 which is also nice but not the same as these apples/oranges. This example is MADE IN JAPAN and was built well over 35 years ago and was built to very high detailed standards as well as some of the best Exotic grained Honduran Mahogany woods available ( see pics please for that detail ) in that time period to compete with the great Martin and now this Yamaha is quite well aged with beautiful patina of a true vintage instrument and is a true vintage guitar in its own right.

This one has the Amber/Tan label and not the Red Label but the golden lable. The frets are very good - original. The guitar has it's natural age and patina with a few expected minor nicks,dings from a well loved and adult respected instrument. This fine example is here and in stock. We upon receiving have remove the strings cleaned and detailed the guitar oil rosewood and polish finish, and this guitar to plays very well and optionally available upgrade if wanted please ask us.may include new bone nut/saddle/ we have several of these old Yamaha's and they are truly amazing instruments very well compared to Martin, Taylor, Gibson for there fine construction and playability with amazing tone for this kind of money.

Here s a link to Harmony Central if you care to reAll New pics. Here we have a very nice example of the Yamaha Red Label fg230-12. This example is in very good - excellent original condition. The woods used on this guitar are of a very high grade. Spruce top, Honduran Mahogany back, sides and neck please see pics for the details but very nicely grained woods! Workmanship is impeccable.

The guitar plays like a real with very good action and the intonation is set dead on. The neck is solid Mahogany and is slightly beefy.I love the feel of this guitar and when you hear is you will be in 12 string heaven. No cracks or repairs. The condition is vintage used its about 40+ years old you know.with several minimal scratches but still overall a very beautiful vintage guitar.

The wood has aged and mellowed with time to yield a wonderful rich tone only a 30+ year old quality instrument can offer. This one has that quaity rich sound along with the playability with the right aging now and with its beauty.its a no brainier. Also available is a cool $100 vintage hard shell case see pics Thanks for your interest! Did I say WoW.your going to love this one.Here we have a VERY rare GREAT FIND and premium example at that this over 35 year old vintage mandolin has absolutely beautiful flamed AAA Fiddle grade Maple to both the back chevron 2 piece & sides.

This piece is simply gorgeous and has an aged & wonderfully grained figured Sitka spruce top this a VERY High Quality. This is a Japanese made Artist grade Mandolin from the prime Japanese Law-suit era. The very talented Luthiers built this example. This one was made in the mid 1970's at the famous Ibanez factory in Japan this example is cleverly labeled with a beautiful mother of pearl logo then unheard of ' CARLO ROBELLI '. This is a Gibson exact REPLICA of the ' F Style ' MANDOLIN this M-700 M700 ACOUSTIC Mandolin in excellent vintage condition WoW! Its so nice dare I say Near Mint.its over 30 years old and has that aged and mellowed tone and has emerged as a great sounding professional quality constructed PRO level beauty that is available for a fraction of what the very same vintage Ibanez or Aria m-700 Logo'ed Mandolin will cost.

( same factory built those to ) same luthiers same materials. As seen with the great original golden plush lined hard shell case. All & all one of the best sounding & playing mando's available under $1600.00 vintage F style and beautifully flamed & figured Maple.looks like old school nitrocellulose lacquer but no visible checking cracks but just one short 3' finish check on back and is almost impossible to see. A few buckle mars on back but so faint not threw finish and again almost impossible to see. Guard is also in top shape not all scratched up.this baby is in under the bed for 30 years condition it looks more like its one year old condition wise as it is actually 30+ years you can tell the finish has that aged patina and warm appearance of a vintage Mando. Here is a great one w/ its original hard shell case.WoW! Its being cleaned up now and is looking as new.

The guard's glue just came loose so it will get cleaned prepped & re-glued and ready for another 30 years. I will also be restring her with a new set D'Addario strings we have in stock and set her up. She will ring like a sweet bell and be ready to record with or tour. Copy & paste this link to view many new pics of this beautiful Vintage Japanese crafted Mandolin. Here we have is one of the finest vintage Banjo's you will ever see.

This example is a 32 year old High End no expense was spared. Its super well built with top grade materials like Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and Mother of pearl inlay work just about everywhere WoW!

Just have a good look at its AAA flamed Maple back and its AAA flamed Maple Neck. This one is super nice and well its clean. The action is great and she has a very good feel & sound. More to come soon.stay posted for updates Thanks for looking.. SOLD OUT: A real find this one is.

Not your average vintage Takamine you will soon see its also in amazing original superior condition. This premium example was hand built by the finest Japanese Luthiers at Takamine Gakki. This prime example is the finest Exotic Brazilian Rosewood we have had in yet and we have had some duzies for sure this true Law Suit era Takamine F375S acoustic guitars we have ever had! And exact copy of the Genius original Martin design of the D-28 exotic.WoW.

The frets look almost new, Martin bone nut and saddle the 's' stands for solid construction and the Solid Sitka Spruce top is super nice amber with age now over the past 37 years and taken care of this California native guitar exhibits its premium exotic woods very proudly just have a look all round everywhere you look.from the amazing Brazilian rosewood sides & the back is A Gorgeous 3-piece back with intricate inlay work to the premium solid mahogany & finish is simply put gorgeous. The neck is nice & straight with a perfect Martin like medium V profile 1-11/16ths @ the nut - the action is very good 3-16th @ 12th fret you can adjust either way to taiste no problem and with the bone nut and saddle this guitar has wonderful tone right up there with the Martin or Yairi this guitar is AAA professional grade vintage and is in 100% condition it is not new or mint with minimal dings its condition is JVG Rated as 9.5 / 10 - excellent vintage = beautiful and exotic. Please see the pictures for the cosmetics.these Takamine are built as good or better than the Martin it copies the back is quad braced and the reinforced crossbracing of the top should make this finely built instrument last several lifetimes. Your looking at the best of the best in Japanese vintage exotic & solid construction in astoundingly nice simply must play and hear this guitar we love it and so will you. I can't amagain a cleaner example of this vintage you will not be sorry. Exotic Brazilian Rosewood tone woods are the best of the best.

No need to spend $3000 or even $5000 or more for such an exotic vintage 40 + year old Martin d28.Find it here Email: This is a real nice D-18 it Booms quite nicely with Vintage Tone of that of a much more expensive Big Named guitar for a fraction of what you would pay.its Japanese crafted 29 years ago by the master craftsman in one of the finest Japanese builders factory.

The great Ibanez.the Label inside says. THE MARK OF QUALITY CIMAR Quality Produced under Strict Quality Control by IBANEZ 'Made in Japan' Serial # 82110013k. 1st 2 digits 82 that's the not all Japanese Ibanez old guitars are so great not at all.many were very low end guitars we saw in the 60's & 70's as a kid myself most were junk or we called them toys. Now that's not true for all of them though I can honestly say that.

This is not a cheap guitar nor is it built cheaply.this example was one of the good impressive one's they used beautiful grade woods on. This particular example it has a Strikingly beautiful straight grained Sitka Spruce Top. It has ambered nicely now naturally with it's great patina created over the last 29 years. Ya don't get that with a new Ibanez or even dare I say Martin with those white looking spruce top 'yuck on thanks'.

Sorry back to this one. The back sides & neck are all gorgeously grained AA higher grade Mahogany the fingerboard is dark Indian Rosewood with an ebony bridge.even the Original string Pins are aged beautifully amber tipped. I'm lookin pretty hard everywhere and I can not find a crack - separation or a defect to be found anywhere only the most minute microscopic its that clean. JVG Condition RATED: @ better than average in Excellent used vintage condition wow!This neck is arrow straight with a perfect medium slim taper neck feels great and action is EZ to play just about perfect.1-11/16ths at the nut very comfortable feel, frets are considered excellent vintage at lest 92%. Comes with a free Chip board case or an optional upgrade to a Hard shell case / ask.

No pics yet coming very soon stay tuned! Thanks for your interest. Here we have another Vintage Japanese GREAT find this example a beautiful pretty much exact copy of a vntage Martin D-45. This is a very High Quality built Lawsuit era Aria Pro II Model AW40. Made in Japan. From information on the Internet concerning dating these, the guitar's serial number would lead to 1976 manufacture.

However, I could not find the AW40 model cataloged until the late 70's. But its a 76.

Is consistent with all others. THIS is one beautiful guitar!

It exudes fine detailed craftsmanship this was Aria's flagship dreadnought of this time period with D41-ish features. From an original vintage Aria catalog, AW40 features include: 'Dreadnought sized, Solid Sitka Spruce top, Solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, bridge fingerboard and veneer headstock overlay with MOP logo, Marquetry Purfling' ( Top looks to be solid with the sides & back appears to me to be laminated )The catalog can be viewed at, a site that deals with the history of Matsumoku made instruments like Aria, Electra and others. This guitar has the Martin classic snowflake mother of pearl inlays, abalone binding and rosette, and fully bound headstock and gorgeous rosewood fingerboard.

Headstock also has a Rosewood overlay. The bookmatched rosewood on the back side is especially easy on the eyes. The guitar is all original with no repairs and with original tuning keys. It is in JVG Rated condition as excellent used vintage 8.8/10 WoW.its 35 years old and the woods have opened up now like fine wine the tone is richer & mellowed as only time can provide. No cracks or repairs ever. It plays very well with good action and has a nice warm rich tone. The Neck is arrow straight.

Frets have minimal wear with no buzzing anywhere on the fingerboard.this is the one! At this link you can view more pictures of this guitar please cut & paste the following link: Just in.We are proud to offer this fine rare example of a Washburn vintage instrument. This is super guitar!. Wow talk about some beautiful exotic woods have a look at the Koa sides & back,its a Solid Sitka Spruce top, Super high AAA grade 3 piece flamed Ribbon Mahogany & walnut neck with the Martin style Diamond Volute on back.

Bone nut & saddle this is first class sound & playability & craftsmanship for a song. Just look at that workmanship. Great Tone woods with some ager to her now she a real Singer all right.

Rare to see one of these with such exotic woods makes it specially beautiful. I would compare the feel & tone and volume to that of the Old FG180 Yamaha's very similar.Just in and its SUPER CLEAN collectors example so get her before she is gone. Any questions.

Ask please Thanks for your interest and looking. This one SOLD pictured has been SOLD OUT: This is one of my favorite vintage Alvarez guitars and is always truly a very good surprise just how great these sound / impressive and I have collected more than several over the years of this very model vintage era lawsuit guitar in AMAZING Condition. Here we have a wonderful and very clean example of a Vintage Japanese Acoustic its a late 1970's great Alvarez 5056 with the most intricately detailed inlay work everywhere on the body. The front & back in Abalone & the fingerboard is rich - dark and wavy grained it looks to be Brazilian Jacaranda Rosewood and has the Gorgeous Tree of Life in mother of pearl & abalone inlayed into the rich rosewood fingerboard WoW!,even the bridge has Mother of pearl inlaid, (you should have a real good look to come to your own conclusions if its something you like ) and the frets are in very good original condition. Action is very good nice & low adjustable either way with no buzzing anywhere on the fretboard real nice playing example here folks. The finish has a natural golden patina as seen to it and this guitar is strikingly beautiful.

No cracks, no repairs, very good - excellent vintage used condition and is JVG rated at 9/10 WoW! She's very EZ on the eyes to say the least and a premium performer this vintage piece has had over 33+ years to age and mellow and was a one owner California guitar in above better than average condition. F Zero Gx Iso Ntsc Jobs more. No splits or cracks or separations or repairs ever. I believe this to be the cleanest best playing vintage 5056's we have ever had in JVG or seen for that matter.

This one is a real pleasure to play! HERE IS A LINK TO CUT & PASTE TO SEE MANY MORE PICS OF THIS INSTRUMENT:. Ibanez 12 string Martin style, vintage Natural High Quality Japanese Ibanez Vintage Guitar.This example is MODEL# V302.And it IS ANOTHER great find this one is in a Natural finish and is a REAL GEM ta-boot and it has a Beautiful aged Premium Solid German Sitka Spruce Top, WoW! What a nice glass like original finish to this one.again High Grade woods used on this 80's Ibanez AAA Mahogany Sides-Neck & Back 'see quality og the grain in the pics'.

Lots of volume & is full-and rich tone from this baby.Pics show missing string done while we were cleaning her up they just snapped. Obviously old and so this guitar will come with a brand new set of Martin strings installed for the new owner no worries. This one is ez to play & stays in tune well. It is a crafted in Japan guitar and it compares favorably to Gibson, Guild or Martin.

At a fraction of that cost. Note: we also have a Sunburst V302 in stock in our listings please see that if you prefer the guitar in sunburst. Thank you for your interest, Joe. Takamine EF406 RARE Here we have a RARE and GORGEOUS 1999 limited Edition Takamine acoustic-electric guitar, model EF-406. This instrument is a PREMIUM example of a New York or also called a Parlor guitar and is a Hand Crafted in Japan model an amazing example of Japans high Quality workmanship & fit & finish and is truly just as good as it gets.

As you can see from the pictures, it is simply gorgeous to look. It has a classic slotted headstock with Top Quality gold open gears and gold tuners with Pearl buttons. The Top- Back & sides are all a High grade choice AAAA FLAMED KOA with natural Koa color (there is no stain)and none was needed to bring out the AWESOME grain patterns of this Rare Native Hawaiian Wood.

The top sound hole apears to be bound or painted and inside looks same as out /all Takamine internet information leeds to say the tops on this model is solid however we can not guarantee this as fact. The electronics are a GRAPH-EX pre-amp system: peizo transducer, with 'exciter,' volume, bass, treble, and mid controls. It comes with a deluxe, plush hardh shell case, note: In he picture close up of the ack of the headstock you may notice a dull spot running threw the center over the made in Japan tag area this is just a spot of waxed area that was inadvertently missed and not rubbed out. It is fine this guitar is in Excellent used condition..

Here we ( SOLD ) are very proud to offer a USA built Martin Acoustic electric the model # JC-16RGTe. More info soon to come and more pics as well. Near mint condition like new!

Everyone from Eric Clapton to Sting to Johnny Lang has played a Martin guitar, and professionals and amateurs alike know the bright sparkle and deep, resonant tone that Martin guitars have become famous for, from the most high end acoustics to the Backpacker. Carefully hand-selected tonewoods, master craftsmanship and beautiful finishes and styles make Martin acoustics a class all their own, and must be played to be believed. Martin sets the standard for acoustic guitars, and since 1833 has been a leader in guitar innovation and craftsmanship. The following info is from Martin.

Here we have e very nice example of a great sounding and beautiful Vintage Martin D28 style copy acoustic guitars made by the master luthiers at Yamaha Japan Nippon Gakki. This is a high quality example folks not to be confused with the Taiwan China made versions.

This is the top of the line made famous from the last 1960's. The workmanship is excellent as is the woods chose he fit & finish is still 90% or better which translates to very good to excellent used vintage condition all-round. The guitar plays with ease and has been upgraded here at JVG with a bone nut & saddle and a new set of Martin strings for its new owner who is going to love this classic no nonsense full sounding Boomer! Here is a link to more pics of this fine Japanese crafted Yamaha:

Here's a fresh one from the JVG Vault. Vintage tone much like an old classic Martin Acoustic has some wear and has the 'feel' just feels great in your hands and plays & sounds wonderful. Good volume and rich sounding lows and very nice.

Condition rated at a solid 8.5 / 10 or better no cracks no repairs and plays nicely with original nut & saddle still in place, optional change nut & saddle & set up add $80.00. Please SEE MORE FULL SCREEN HIGH RES PICTURES HERE: Here we are proud to have in stock today is a Cool one she's pretty rare too its a real vintage guitar its actually 42year old in fact. This is a great old Vintage Goya Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar by CF Martin & company. This guitar was built in the early 1970s in Japan when Martin had thought that it was a good way to address the Japanese high quality lower priced Japanese guitars cutting into their bottom line so Martin commissioned Goya of Japan to build their competitive to the US line 'import' line ( Japan because no other country at that time was building anything close to the high quality guitars like Japan was making ' China, India, Twain was not even a consideration Japan was in another league obviously to those countries. So Goya was commissioned back in the day this pre dates Sigma Japan.

This was built durring the time frame when the Japanes builders had some of the best quality woods available to them and were setting out to show the world what they could really do. This is a great example with both fine quality qoods used from the high grade mahogany to the solid spruce top to the rich dark Brazilian rosewood looking fingerboards they selected wow impressive work.Kept in great shape all these years 42 years see the pics it looks more like its 3 years old then 42. Here today for a song we believe this example was built in Nagoya by the great Terada, that is pretty much the Custom shop builders in Japan they are responsible for the GB10 George Benson Ibanez line, They made the high end Ibanez Artists, The Gretch reissues, some other fine models as well as their own Tereda guitars.

On to this baby The top is book matched SOLID AAA Spruce and the sides and back are mahogany, probably laminated but they seam to match? Either way *AWESOME* The SB model has a beautiful transparent cherry sunburst finish that is still so glossy looking it can pass for much newer but its 36 years old!

The Neck is also solid AAA mahogany with a beautiful rich looking rosewood fingerboard may be Brazilian Rosewood. The neck is RARE with a nicely v shaped which feels really good to me I think you'll be please with the feel as well. Setup done by our in house luthier & plays like butta now with a new set of acoustic Martin 11's, a $150 value. Now how ya gonna beat that!. What a Beauty!

This is a beautiful example of a RARE Vintage Japanese Alvarez 5053 made on 1/11/74. This one is Rare folks with its Old style script logo in mother of pearl inlay check that out.The first thing you can't help but notice on this guitar is how beautiful this guitar looks amazing fit & finish apperance is top shelf.its as good or pretter then others including the Martin. Its not just pretty guitar to look at and admire either it is really well build to play built using some very EXOTIC and beautiful looking tone WOODS as well very high end feel to this seen in the pics ( new better pics soon to come )It was built using a beautiful grained Sitka spruce top and the gorgeous Back is vivid book matched Brazilian Rosewood as is the sides BR and this examle overall is truly a stunning example, along with the backs center flamed maple section in contrast of the Brazilian Rosewood side sections WoW!, and the beautiful vintage hexagonal cellulloid inlays.

Modeled after the Martin D41, this guitar is in excellent used vintage collectible condition with only a few finish checks to this guitars glass like finish that one has that warm natural patina only a real 37 year old guitar can earn. Overall very good - excellent vintage condition! It's bound body is masterfully ornately - multi bound, as is the Honduran Mahogany neck & headstock is bound. Action is excellentt and can be easily adjusted up or down to meet your preference by way of an easily adjustable bridge.

Truly is a great playing & sounding highly collectible Japanese vintage guitar in its own right. Its Very rare and it has old Alvarez Script Logo! Who cool is that.This is a super rare guitar that tend to go quickly that is getting harder and harder to find!

In any condition let alone like this baby it both plays beautifully but it sounds fantastic! Let me know if interested Thanks for looking!

IN STOCK:,Vintage well built!Premium build quality by Lyle crsfted in Japan, solid spruce top, high grade quality Mahogany neck see pics. Neck profile is medium profile very comfortable.NEAR MINT JAPANESE VINTAGE GUITAR.this guitar is like having a new 38 year old guitar it looks so newish.

Its finish is still very glass like and has been well taken care of over the years well preserved for YOU. The neck angle is PERFECT, frets still are like new still. The action is VERY nice & low and it plays with ease you will be very pleased indeed with its overall condition this is exactly what we look for at JVGuitars to bring you the best near mint vintage. The back and sides are also not your average run of the mill grain but very beautiful vividly wavy grain looking like some exotic woods for sure stained cherry like they would do with mahogany.

Very nice detail & binding and perfling work overall.this guitar is a real pleasure to play too and sounds wonderful. Anyone would be very pleased and proud to own this nearly 40 year old beauty. NEW ARRIVAL SORRY SOLD OUT QUICKLY.She's super clean Genuine Ibanez Hoshino Factory release this is a cool collector piece of Japanese Law-suit modle guitar history WoW is this well made guitar Beautiful in person just impressive. This vintage J200 is now over 39 years old that plays with ease and has a HUGE SOUND. Really sweet beautiful tone that rings out pretty loudly and its playability makes this guitar fun to play and an excellent choice in your next cool Japanese Vintage guitar.

She's in better than average cond too well taken care of Adult owned right here in California she's in top form folks. With its Nice medium slim taper flamey maple neck 1-11/16ths at the nut. Classic beautiful original pick guard looks exactly like the old age Gibson, the detailed workmanship fit & finish you will be sure to notice and love. Ready to tour or record tonight!

Every time you pick it up to play. TO SEE THE PICTURE GALLERY OF THIS GUITAR CUT & PASTE THIS LINK THEN CLICK OR RETURN: : This vintage YAMAHA is one of the greats folks and here for your serious consideration today at Joe's Vintage Guitars. This is the Classic Vintage Yamaha FG-200 - Nippon Gakki body seems the same specs as the famous FG180.hummm? Interesting She's been lovingly played for nearly 40 years,its beautifully aged now with a great feel & patina only found on real vintage guitars of this age and caliber. This guitar really has nicely opened up over the past 40 years and you just don't get booming bassy tone like this one with a new guitar thats for sure. This example is not mint but is beautiful in its own right, it does have a few nicks, dings and wear but nothing really bad at all really she just looks the part of the 40 year old Martin D28 vintage guitsr.

A lot of guitar for not a lot of cash. Vintage aint goin down.get her at a great price today! Let me know.thanks for your interest, Joe email me: This is an early one from the Nippon Gakki plant and has a surprising boom even for or a 200 same as our great old red lable FG180 for that matter with no real decernable diference. I cannot find a serial number but is believed to be late 60's - early 70's This old girl has Excellent low end sound!!! And tone on this guitar is wonderful - it really booms! Condition: Average vintage wear wich includes minor pick wear, scratches dents & dings for an old vintageguitar. But no cracks to be found, straight neck, trussrod is functioning properly, very good frets still playing well all the way up & down the fingerboard with no funny buzzes or dead spots.

Frets 1 - 5 ( cowboy cord area )have medium play wear but still plenty of life remaining no problemo. Action is very good at 3/32 1st E string @ 12th fret. Tuners are the original and in excellent working order.

Bridge plate is securely fastened to top. We have just as a precationary installed A PlateMate brass plate has now been installed to any prevent further wear to bridge plate which is common among these vintage guitars. This brass plate has also contributed to its big booming tone now is even a more rich sounding competitor to a vintage Martin D-28. FRESH SET UP.with Martin Bone & Saddle.

This guitar is a wonderfull fun guitar to play lots of bang for the buck factor here. This guitar is overall a very solid well built guitar that is standing the test of time it also is a great sounding vintage guitar that plays very nicely.

Ya can't go wrong with this wonderful vintage Yamaha FG Nippon Gakki guitar Has a new bone saddle and Martin Silk Steel strings. No case included but will protect and properly package for shipping. PlateMate product works very well and is easily removed if desired. To my ear it enhanced this boom-box's sound quality and is described by the manufacturer as follows: If you want to protect and enhance the sound and tones and balance out string volume of your acoustic guitar, Mitchels Plate Mate is the way to go.

Mitchels Plate Mate is a small piece of brass that is applied without using or altering of tools, and is installed as fast as you can change a set of strings. This was invented and patend mainly to prevent damage caused by ball-end strings on the acoustic guitars bridge plate, it is also proven to enhance volume, tones, and balances out string volume by one of the best acoustic guitar makers in the world. Mitchels Plate Mate will protect your guitar from ball-end strings pulling up threw the bridge plate and possibly cracking the bridge or pulling the bridge off the top of your guitar which would be a very expensive repair bill. It also protects your bridge pins, and saddle by making the string windings stay down in the string holes where they belong.

I have used Mitchels Plate Mate in guitars priced from $100 to $50,000 it doesnt matter the price just protect your prized posetion or investment.. Here we have a well made in Japan kinda rare to see these vintage Fender Japanese acoustics now days. Interesting well built and is still beauty.its all mahogany body & neck are very well constructed, offering good cross braced body ala D-18/28 seems to be awfully similar?to my vintage Yamaha FG180 or 200 Nippon Gakki.that is to say pretty darn nice! Almost the same guitar but for the Fender's more stylistic headstock top shape that differs from the vintage Yamaha. This was clearly built for Fender as there import in those days Japan offered more competitive pricing to us manufactures to produce there line.this offering is really quite a nice guitar in its own right.

SOLD OUT: Here we had a 40+ year old 1972 Alvarez 5080 Acoustic guitar that was built by the master guitar builder Kuzio Yairi. He used 30 year old vintage aged tone woods when they built this guitar over 40 years ago. That would make this wood arround 70 years old. Thats can say that about a new Martin can we. Not going to get tone like this from a new Martin either. This is one high class example replica of the Martin 000-28 this model is quiet rare and beautifully adorned with exotic tone woods plese refer to the pics. Just have a look at the beautiful exotic old growth Jacaranda Brazilian Rosewood back, sides, fingerboard.headstock overlay., ebony pins with MOP and brass ring all high end classic detailed appointments.

Notice the real patina this guitar plays real well and has been played and it shows. In a good way to my eyes. So will you just have a look. No visable issues, no cracks to be found, inlays, bindings, pickguard, tuners,frets.all good.and sound is rich and has a nice sustain and is a pleasure to play. Fresh from the JVG shop with a fresh bone saddle & nut & new Martin Marquis strings sweet!

A must HAVE 40 YEAR OLD VINTAGE YAIRI 000-28 STYLE, Claptons favorite for good reason. SORRY THIS GUITAR HAS SOLD Thank you for your interest. Here we have something quite beautiful and very sweet sounding that I picked up directly from the very talented luthier himself while in Hawaii.I liked this one because it has some very beautiful intricate inlay hand work see the gorgeous inlaied rosette and fingerboard not overstated just classicly tasteful WoW.

This is a Gorgeous all SOLID WOOD Hawaiian figured Koa Tenor Ukelele. I love the tone of this beauty and so will you its classic Uke tone is rich and full and plays like butta. Here we have a beautiful player with great heritage. This guitar was an Import from Japan back in 1978 its a very well built guitar and employs the same x bracing seen on Martins. Workmanship is very high as is materials the vintage tone woods are beautifully mellowen and the tone has opened up nicely on this and so the volume is good on this guitar with a new set of straings now sounds like quite big a Piano.clear and clean god volume and reasonible bass. Very good sound from this one.t also plays quite nicely with good play action not to low not to plays very wel.

Structually no cracks or serious anything to speak up just the most minimap superficial nicks as this vintage guitar qualifies for the xcllent vintage condition catagory. The finsh is wonderful and glass like shine to it and has a beautiful warm patine to it you can't get without waiting the near 40 years for it to age this way. This guitar will make somon a wonderful D-18 /28 style instrumnt to enjoy for another 40 years.

If your like us you love vintage instruments and this is a bargain of a great lttle player, for a song. You will be pleased. Thanks for looking if interested contact Joe at: OLD Morris looks to be equal in all respects to our Yairi CY116, exotic wood construction with very nice old woods and excellent workmanship - fit & f instance they make the fit & finish is amazingly nice on the Terada factory made Morris. SOLD OUT: ASK we may have another in stock Here we have a wonderful example of the Alvarez answer to the classic Martin 000-18 now famously linked to the Eric Clapton version from Martin om guitar today.

Imported to the US by Saint Lewis Music 36 years ago. This fine example of the Alvarez 5014 is in excellent vintage condition you will not believe that she is over 36 years old when you see this in person you will realize it has been amazingly well cared for these past 3.6 decades.

Its fit and finish is excellent as is its play action / neck angle. This guitar is a pleasure to play and is truly EASY on the eyes. The neck is 1-11/16' at the nut and very comfortable to play with very little visible play wear to fingerboard or frets one will notice that this example is WELL above average condition for this age of guitar its really rare to see. Its beautiful SITKA SPRUCE top is solid and the back and sides are excellent grade Mahogany as is the neck please refer to the pics. With nice details like its herringbone rosette, celluloid tortis pick guard, exotic Brazilian Coral Rosewood headstock overlay this guitar is more fancy than the other 5014's we have had and is in near mint vintage condition.

The woods are well aged and the tone and volume has nicely opened up and aged like fine wine it takes time. A lot of guitar for this kind of price. Crafted in Japan over 36 years ago and kept in Amazing condition all these years just for you. Nicely set up with a NEW Martin Bone Nut & compensated bone saddle here at JVGUITARS.

Get this gem before she's gone! Questions let me know. Here we have the very highly respected. Alvarez Yairi dy91. This very unique and beautiful guitar is in AMAZING CONDITION and is based on the RARE exotic Hawaiian Koa tone wood and is one of more ornate & fancy D-45 Martin Drednaught Acoustic the Martin retails for well over $7,500 and this guitar offered here at JVGuitars is the Alvarez Yairi answer and is quite a HIGH END JAPANESE HAND CRAFTED GUITAR by one of the greatest Luthiers in Japan. Reserve your Rare & Exotic Koa Yairi DY91 Today.this baby is in excellent vintage condition. This is THE DY91 to own.

Any questions please email me All the best! General specs:About the DY91: These High End Yairi acoustic guitars are Handcrafted for outstanding projection, this example offers enhanced bass response and an articulate high-end register performance. As with this one many are Sculpted from some of the most precious rare sought-after tone woods from all over the world. This example is Hawaiian WoW! Here are the Specs: Handmade in Japan Saddle & Nut: Bone Neck Joint: Hand Fit Dovetail Finish: Gloss Body Style: D-45 Style Slope Shoulder Dreadnought Back & Sides: AAAA Figured Koa Top: Solid German Spruce Neck: Premium grade Mahogany Fingerboard: Bound Ebony Scale: 25 3/8' (645mm) Width at Nut: 1 11/16' Fingerboard Inlay: Large Diamond Bridge: Ebony-Inlaid Body Binding: Ivory & Abalone Soundhole Rosette: Abalone Head Overlay: Figured Koa Pickguard: Black Tuning Machines: Original Yairi Gold Die Cast Finish:Gloss Natural Electronics: None Original Semi-hard shell case: Case candy Included.

Here we have a wonderful made in Japan Takamine from a while back in 1990 this makes it officially a Vintage guitar next year but its tone sounds rich and vintage now! As you will see looking her over this F349 is GORGEOUS! Better than average condition in all aspects. Few only minor doinks here or there but NOTHING to detract from this Taks sound - playability or sheer playing enjoyment. Here we SOLD OUT: a real nice vintage 1986 Japanese crafted Ibanez LS-300 this is a unique classic series of hand built quality guitars made for a short era in limited quantities is a wonderful example of very good Japanese quality workmanship that were built with good quality materials these have stood the test of time.

Post lawsuit era. This full size Dred has a classic sound and has quite nice articulate tone notes ring true & clear. SOLD OUT: in AMAZING Top vintage condition, Plays with ease with nice low action.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top amazing Brazilian Jacaranda Rosewood back - sides -Fingerboard - bridge & headstock overlay, bindings are figured and flamed maple wow what a classic beauty. If you have been thinking of getting the late model Glen Fry F360 for $1700+ think again.OWN Vintage, matured aged exotic woods is what make the greatest sounding guitars this baby has it at a great price. Buy the new Tak and 2 years later its worth%%% less, not these exotic tone woods vintage guitars they are going up.mark my words you will do well with this baby. In top all round condition really well cared for and maintained. This guitar is in the upper percentile quality & workmanship just about as good as it gets and dare I say it.this will give a Martin a real good run for its money folks. Get this RARE beauty before she's gone. You will not be disappointed.

Email Joe at We are very proud to present to you a pleasant surprise I must say from way back when folks this is prime Time beginning of that Golden Era of some of the GREATEST QUALITY Acoustic guitar that FENDER ever had the smarts to Import that’s right these are Japanese crafted beauty’s. Built back in the day when Japan had the economy riding high while US guitar builders were getting bought out by business folks not guitar builders and US economy was in the tanker just a little brief history reminder Fender & Gibson were under the gun to cut costs and re-structure if they wanted to stay alive and that they did. And others cut back on the high quality woods they once enjoyed and relied upon the reputation the US had for making great guitars basically reputation from the late 50’s – early 60’s To about 68-69 or so.

Then quality went down no doubt. Right then it was prime time for Japan Luthiers to strike and they didthey stepped up the quality from the funny toy grade guitars we saw here in the states back when I was a kid you could get a decent cute player electric guitar at the Pawn shop in about 1965 for about $69.00 in fact my dad bought my 1st electric guitar there for $69.00 I loved it—it was a “ KENT” and it sounded very good threw my Silvertone amp..Kent is a offspring of Greco which is a factory behind making many brands buildby Fujigen Gekki.

Ok what this Fender beauty traces back to the great FujiGen Gakki in 1974 according to its serial number making this beautifully preserved SOLID TOP Vintage Japanese guitars 40 years old a true vintage guitar in its own right. It was during the time when this guitar was built that the Japanese Luthiers set out to make some of the most righteous guitars period fit – finish - workmanship & materials used are the good stuff folks. This full size Dreadnought Acoustic guitar is a replica of the Martin designed D-28 known to be one of the finest most prolific designs the US Martin & co ever produced. This Fender F310 is of a High Quality example, The top is Solid Spruce straight grained with some nice figure and wow it has 40 years of patina to its color and finish and overall vintage appeal is Very strong I was drawn to this example it sounds deep and rich and complex with an excellent volume And its highs ring threw when cording and finger picking, This guitars Back & sides are true to the masterful D-28 desigh. High quality ROSEWOOD just beautifully grained see the pics for more detail Its absolutely beautiful back – sides are all east Indian Rosewood the fingerboard may be Brazilian Rosewood by its looksa very high grade non theless, the bridge appears to be Ebony wood. The Bridge is nice and flat to its top which is also nice and straight, action is very good medium low and adjustable. The top has a couple of minor doinks see the pics not bad at all and certainly nothing remotely enough to detour from its vintage Gorgeous looks, no cracks anywhere found, bindings are very food, overall this guitar is an EXTREMLY CLEAN example aside from the afore mentioned.

This guitar is in top Vintage used condition and is easily a 9//10 Fit and finish I suggest this was built but a high level Journeyman and can compete or compare with A nice vintage Yairi or Morris or Gibson or Martin for that matter.. SOLD OUT: This guitar is very familiar to me as I have had other guitars from another Famous Japanese guitar maker That was known to make this very guitar already I believe this to have been made by those responsible for the Takamine or Mountain ands Tak made for Washburn import, needless to say this is a high quality Well built Japanese copy of the Martin D-19 and is Identical to the Takamine F320.

This example was well crafted over 32 years ago making this a true vintage guitar based on the classic These were quite well constructed by any standard fit and finish is excellent typical of this era Japanese crafted and were made with very nice woods too. The top on this guitar is Solid Spruce and is nicely figured and the back sides and neck are all Mahogany, The fingerboard = bridge & head-stock front overlay is rosewood. This combination is know for some sweet mellow tone & good volume.this example is in above average vintage condition its finish still shines like glass and with only a few minor doinks and with its true 32+ years of well taken care of age its natural patina is very nice in deed. This guitar has the 1-11/16ths nut width it’s a comfortable medium profile neck and it plays with ease and has good action, neck is straight with correct relief and frets are still good at 88%. Tuners are original and are working well, no splits or cracks warps or twists or issues of that nature structural integrity is excellent.

Volume is very good, tone is sweet, this makes for a very good playing guitar That sounds great and is very enjoyable all round for the player. Vintage tone!. Thanks for your interest if wanted you can contact Joe at Here we have a Faithful Recreation of the classic Martin D-18 that was well crafted in Japan over 33 years ago. This is an excellent vintage Japanese guitar as it has been well taken care of all these years And has spent its years in California in the perfect climate to preserve the guitars original structural and cosmetic integrity its fit and finish to this day is still JVG rated at very good to excellent with no cracks or finish checking none – clean and still shines like glass.

Its 1-11/16ths at the nut neck is a nice comfortable medium slim profile, neck is straight with correct amount of slight relief, action is good medium low and plays with ease and sound is clear and volume is good, tone is vintage sweet from its Aged tone woods. This is a true Lawsuit model as it has the direct image shape & size of the vintage Martin it copies is is a very cool D-18 guitar, its 33 years it’s obviously not new or mint but is surely vintage beautiful with its age and genuine warmth & patina and yes a few minor doinks but nothing to detract from its overall appeal..

Sorry this has SOLD OUT: Poor mans Authentic Blues Parlor guitar from way back.