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Hannotate Font Free Download

I am trying to use a Asian font called Hannotate to type some Traditional Chinese in Powerpoint. If I try to change a font by selecting it and using drop down menu,nothing happens. But when I type it in English, the system allows me to use Hannotate to type English words. Not just Hannotate, also some Asian font also have this problem which I can't use it. For example, I type the following words in PowerPoint: How are you. 你好嗎? With all of this text selected, I then choose Hannotate from the font menu. Dell Printer Easy Wifi Installer.

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This is a Chinese font that looks like child's hand-writing. The result looks like this: How are you. 你好嗎? ( The words 'How are you.' Which I bold it are changing into the Hannotate font, but the Chinese words '你好嗎“ are not changing into the Hannotate font) The font had been applied to the English characters, but not to the Chinese characters.

What i want it to look like is this: How are you. 你好嗎? I want both the English and the Chinese characters are changing into the Hannotate font, not just the English alphabet could be apply. I don't know why it is impossible for PowerPoint to apply this font to the Chinese characters. However, no matter what, it refuses to do it. I am using Macbk Air and the office version is office for Mac 2011. I have google this problem in this two days, however, I can't find the solution to fix my problem, even though I update my office to 14.5.1.

Hannotate Font Free Download

My apologies, here are the instructions for PowerPoint: • Open a blank presentation. • Choose View>Master>Slide Master. The master thumbnail view displays the slightly large Slide Master at the top, with the smaller Slide Layouts below them.

• Select all 5 text placeholders on the Slide Master. • Click on Format>Font.

• As in Word, you'll see an Asian text font and a Latin text font. Change both to Hannotate (name appears in Chinese text, in Latin Text dropdown these are at the very bottom of the list). • On the Master View tab, click on Close. • File>Save as, change the Format dropdown to PowerPoint Template (.potx), choose a name and click on Save. You can use this template as a start for all new presentations requiring Hannotate. You can also follow the same steps to reset an existing presentation, though you will probably need to use PowerPoint's Home>Layout>Reset Layout to Default settings to force an update. Now you know how to do both programs:) Brandwares - Bespoke template services to the graphic design industry and select corporations.

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