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Glow Worm 30cxi Timer User Guide

Glow Worm 30cxi Timer User Guide

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Glow Worm 30cxi Timer User Guide

Hi guys, am after a favour from anyone who might know! I have a glow.worm 30cxi combi boiler, fitted with a digital timer. I had the boiler serviced on friday and the clock went off. Buick Enclave Intellilink Software Update on this page.

My problem is I seem to have mislaid! (lost even)the instructions on how to re-set the timer. So now I have very cold mornings and very hot evengings!. Oh dear that sounds bad. Its just that I keep forgetting to switch the heating off that's all! Does anyone know if there's a web site i could perhaps get the instructions off? Or any other ideas apart from getting in touch with glow.worm themselves and begging another copy.

Thanks for any help Ruby.

Mum has recently moved into a new house fitted with a Glow Worm Ultracom 2 24cxi boiler. It has the optional digital timer fitted but it needs setting. 3com Officeconnect Wireless 11g Cable Dsl Router Firmware Download. I've contacted Glow Worm to request the manual but they sent me the boiler manual. They didn't inspire confidence so frankly I couldn't be bothered to explain their mistake. I haven't managed to unearth the manual on their web site or Google despite a good hour of searching.

Does anyone have a link to the manual for the timer? Please login (registration is free!) to view this link. All is forgiven. Glow Worm did supply the correct document when I replied and asked them to check again. In case anyone else needs this, you need the 'Installation and User Instructions' for 'Digital Timer Kit Part No. I have the PDF but am not going to post it due to copyright.

If you encounter one of these and you need to get the heat on, here's the basics. The rest is fairly intuitive - it was the initial setting of the current time that stumped me. Ensure that the right sliding switch is in the RUN position 2. Press the ‘R’ button with the point of a biro or similar implement then release The display will start to ash 0:00 The time and day can now be set up. To set the time and day 1. Press the HR and MIN keys simultaneously for 2-3 seconds.

The display will stop ashing 2. Press the DAY button to select the required day.

An arrow will be shown in the display indicating the day of the week 3. Use the HR and MIN keys to set the time 4.

After 15 seconds the times will automatically pick up the time of day (the colon will start to ash) OR the right sliding switch can be set to the radiator or tap symbol and then back to RUN. The time of day will activated immediately.