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Game Title Screen Maker Job

Game Title Screen Maker Job

Dec 20, 2008 Noor Jehan 1965 War Songs Mp3 Download. I show you how to make a title in game maker. I show you how to make a title in game maker. How to make a title screen in game maker.

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When you’re creating a game or guide in the OJOO studio we’ll ask you for a start screen image. The start screen image of your game is the first thing a player gets to see, so today I’m going to help you make it look as nice as possible. You don’t need to know any photo editing programs for this, the only thing you need is an internet browser, a photo and the title of your game.

There are many different photo editors available online, such as,, but we’re going to use, as this editor has all the options we need for free. When you first go to you’ll have to register, but after this small hurdle the site is completely free to use. Thanks to your newly created profile you can save your creations on the site, so you won’t loose them and you can always make adaptations. Once you’re logged in, you can start creating your first design by clicking on the “Create a design” button in the sidebar on the left.

Canva gives you the option to pick from different standard templates, but none of these fit the start screen image in the OJOO app perfectly. So we have to make a design with custom dimensions. You can do this by clicking on “use custom dimensions” in the right upper corner. Adding your game title It’s now time to add your title to your image. In the sidebar select “text”. Pick “add heading” and click on it or drag it on your image. Change the title you dragged on the image in the title of your game.

I went for “Winter Wandeling” for this example. When you select your text you can change the font type, the size, of your text with the options in the top menu. When you click on “text spacing” you can change both the letter spacing or the line height. The latter is a good way to put the words in your title closer together when they’re on multiple lines, which makes the title a more coherent visually. When you’re placing a title on your image (which we encourage you to do!), you have to keep in mind that the text can’t be placed too low on the image, because that’s where the start button will appear in the app. (As you can see, I should’ve placed my title a bit higher to be perfect 😉 ) Other than that, there really are no limitations on how you place your text on the image. You can go wild with typefaces, sizes and colours, as long as you can actually easily read what’s on your image.

When you’re finished all you need to do is download your image (top right corner). Pick JPG as file type instead of PNG, as the image size will be smaller. That’s all folks! In the picture above you can see how much difference a custom made start screen image makes. It looks a lot better and more professional than the automatically generated start screen image from the.

Chart 5011 Latest Edition Of Internet more. And now you know it’s very easy to make. You can also use this method for your Store Image and your Store Feature Image.