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Fsx Aircraft Installer Utility

FSX Aircraft Installer - This program can install your aircrafts and rotorcraftshelicopters. This program makes it a whole lot easyer then copying and pasting thos stupid files. Programming by: Steven Logiudice. file; Unzip; Open the unziped folder and double click on FSXAI Installer.exe; Click on. Flight Simulator X Downloads and Add-ons. The Fly Away Simulation download section for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an unrivaled selection of freeware flight.

AVSIM Library Where Flight Simulation Enthusiasts Gather from Around the World! AVSIM Library - Search Results Searching for: 'salem aljarwan' in AVSIM File Library and below. Found 2 files (1 pages) Jump to page: Category: FS Aircraft Installer Other files which are related to, or may be required by, this file: • • File Description: This is a simple program that will install aircraft add-ons automatically.

Fsx Aircraft Installer Utility

It's mainly aimed at newbie users and also the lazy people who just can't click a few times to install an aircraft. Currently it supports installing: Aircraft files - Gauges - Sounds - Effects (and included effects textures). *UPDATED: this version is now working 100% correctly, previous version had malfunctioning code. Filename: License: Freeware Added: 11th June 2008, 20:56:08 Downloads: 5832 Author: Salem Aljarwan Size: 359kb Category: FS Scenery Installer Other files which are related to, or may be required by, this file: • • File Description: This is a simple tool for newbie users and also lazy users in order to automatically install add-on sceneries into the flight simulator. This is compatible with both FSX and FS2004 Filename: License: Freeware Added: 12th June 2008, 01:05:46 Downloads: 4674 Author: Salem Aljarwan Size: 343kb.

The reason I changed True to False is because the Add On Program will Not launch until you give it Permission to, See below. If you are happy enough to see this message every time you start Prepar3D you can leave it at True, If Not change to False I will now copy my Complete Prepar3D directory located here AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D and Paste it into my Fake FSX folder AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft 1 Highlight all the files, Right Click and Click copy. 2 Paste directly into your new FSX folder AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft 1 We are now in our FSX folder AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft Right Click on Prepar3D.cfg and Rename it to fsx.cfg. 2 This is Exactly what your Fake FSX directory should look like ====================================================================== (5) Installing 3rd Party Software. Install your Software the Exact same way you would Install any other time. The Installer will pick out Your Prepar3D location and Install there. Depending on what your Installing the Installer might want to Install Entry's to your exe.xml and dll.xml file.

Because i have added a Fake pathway from FSX to Prepar3D in my Registry editor and have set up the correct folders in Microsoft, I will now check these files in AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft ► FSX Before we start. Please Note: The FSX Installer will possible add Entries to 1 of these files (Depending on what your Installing) I will have to move these files into my REAL Prepar3D directory at a later stage. As you can see the FSX Installer has added an Entry to my dll.xml file, This is for the Level D 767. 3com Officeconnect Wireless 11g Cable Dsl Router Firmware Download here.

It has loaded in perfect. All looks very good. I will not move this file yet. I will Install another Ad On first. Ok the next Ad On i have Installed got a bit messed up and has loaded in wrong.

As you can see from the image i have too Many. I will carefully remove these, I will also remove the extra Ok Perfect, This is what it should look like, The 'Header Code' at the Top. Notice how i have 1 at the top and the bottom of my Entry, Perfect. Notice the bottom Launch.Addon just above Simbase.Document, It has an / in it, Very important, your not going anywhere without that / =========================================== (6) Merging exe.xml and dll.xml files Ok, so i have Installed the Level D 767 and an Entry has been written to my dll.xml file located in AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft ► FSX I will now Merge this with my dll.xml file in AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D.

1 Right Click on dll.xml Click Copy. 2 Right Click on your Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D Shorcut folder, Click paste. 3 Remember my dll.exe file is empty in Prepar3D (No Ad On's) So i will Click Copy and Replace After i Click Copy and Replace i will check my Prepar3D directory. All looks good. My Level D 767 is ready to Rock. Moving exe.xml and dll.xml files If you already have previous Entries in either file in your Prepar3D director, You can Copy them over. 1 In Microsoft FSX o pen your exe.xml, Right Click and Copy your new Entry.

Download Software Synthesizer Untuk Laptop Gratis. 2 As you can see i have an EZdok Entry there already i will Paste it in there, Follow the Image Ok all done, looks good. Very happy with myself. ======================================================================= (7) Installing FSX Scenery by DISK In some cases when your Installing FSX Scenery by Disk, The Installer will want to see your Scenery.cfg in your main Prepar3D folder. If the Installer does Not see a Scenery.cfg it will Not releases all the files and folders from the Installing Disk, Leaving you with only half of your Content Installed (In some cases) You can Copy and Paste your Scenery.cfg to your Prepar3D folder, Just to be on the safe side i will also copy my terrain.cfg over as well. 1 Go to ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D Right Click on Scenery.cfg and terrain.cfg, Click Copy. 2 Paste Directly into your Prepar3D folder ======================================================================= (8) FSX Steam: Temporary diverting Registry keys to point to Prepar3D.

Be advised: You need to undo the following process when finished Installing. If you don't you will end up having Problems with Future Install Paths (Big Problems) As you have FSX Steam Installed, Your FSX folders are already there and ready for use.

Please Note: Before you Install anything using this process please Know exactly what your Installing and know exactly what 3rd Party FSX Software you have Installed previous to this, Example: What's in your exe.xml and dll.xml file? Have you modified your fsx.cfg? If so back up these files before you start --------------------------------------- You can Temporary divert your 2 Registry Keys Pathway from FSX Steam to Prepar3D. Its basically the same process as the beginning of the Thread. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Microsoft Games Flight Simulator 10.0 String Value: AppPath Value data: Your Prepar3D Install Location Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node Microsoft Microsoft Games Flight Simulator 10.0 String Value: SetupPath Value data: Your Prepar3D Install Location Enter your Registry editor Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Microsoft Games Flight Simulator 10.0 First Copy and Paste your Current FSX Install Path somewhere safe, So you can easily Paste it back in again when finished.

1 Right Click AppPath, Click Modify. 2 Enter Your Prepar3D Install Location. Next Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node Microsoft Microsoft Games Flight Simulator 10.0 Follow the exact same procedure as before (Start of the Thread) For String Value, Enter SetupPath for Value data: Enter Your Prepar3D Install Location After you have finished Installing and depending on What you are Installing check AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft ► FSX for modified Entries.

Copy these entries (If any) over using the same process as above ' Moving exe.xml and dll.xml files' When you are Finished Please correct the Registry Editor Paths to reflect your current FSX Install Path =========================================================== (9) Last words With each Update to Prepar3D the 2 Platforms are growing larger and larger away from each other (compatibility wise) thus leaving more and more Add On's which are Truly Non Compatible to Prepar3D. It doesn't matter what Guide or Tool you are using you will find less and less Ad On's that will work. Again please check the legal terms, conditions and license agreements to insure you can install and run the Add On's Edited March 29 by Elaine Dixon Updated Format.