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Easycap Driver Windows 10

Update: I've moved EasyCAP driver file hosting to Google Drive as Google Cloud billing hit $100 AUD per month, EasyCAP driver downloads were 638 Gigibytes for. Black Magic Little Mix Download Songily. The EasyCAP converts an RCA or S-video source into a USB video and audio capture device – known as a Sound, video and game controller device in Windows – the possibilities for connecting analog sources to a Windows machine are endless and it's priced insanely cheap. All of this positive feedback stops when you.

Easycap Driver Windows 10

It's not the drivers I finally figured it out. It's the usb cable that comes with it.

The usb cable that attaches to it and then you plug the other end to the is thin and cheaply made. Get your self a top of the line usb cable and you are good to go.I had one lying around my home and tried it and it works great. Zacarias Ferreira Quiereme Zip. I thought it was the driver for a long time until it hit me try a quality usb cable.

That is it just purchase a quality top of the line usb cable and your good to go. Post if it works for you.