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Download Free Before You Quit Your Job Ebook

Download Free Before You Quit Your Job Ebook

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jason over at 72% of us dream about living life on our own terms, escaping the day job, breaking down the cubicle walls and adventuring into business for ourselves. Since you’re reading this blog, I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that you are part of this overwhelming majority. In late 2004, I was approaching 9 years at my job. I worked in a management position for the largest privately held corporation in Philadelphia. I was being compensated well with a 6-figure salary and benefits package.

I managed to make a 1 hour commute through traffic into the city in the morning. I spent an average of 10 hours in the cube daily. And then another 1 hour commute through traffic back out of the city in the evening. 50% of my life during the week was dedicated to growing someone else’s business. 33% of my life during the week was sleep; replenishing my energy to grow someone else’s business. That left me with 17% of my life to split between my wife, my two young children, and myself.

I sold 83% of me so I could try and “live on my own terms” 17% of the time. I was comfortable, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming about what it would look like to live life on my own terms 100%. You know the dream. You reject the identity of being a cog in someone else’s wheel.

There is drawing you into a greater purpose be still; listen. The Search for Fulfillment I enjoyed my work, my coworkers, my compensation and quite honestly it wasn’t a bad company to work for at all.

I was young, and in a position to be groomed for higher responsibilities and next stages of leadership. My accomplishments and achievements for this company were something to be truly proud of. I was the youngest person in company history to ever be recognized by the President personally for an award. When times got tough for the company, and others were being laid off around me, my job remained. I was really very fortunate to be in the position that I was. Yet, there was something very wrong.

Something inside of me. There was an emptiness and a longing to enter into something bigger. I was completely unfulfilled. I felt underutilized, limited, and held back by corporate politics and ceilings of positional career growth.

I had ambitions of offering my talents and strengths to the world outside of the limitations that I felt at the company. Fulfillment to me didn’t look like a paycheck, or a benefits package, or a stable job, or a career path. Fulfillment to me, was the pursuit of the dream. I didn’t really have a choice. I was compelled to respond to that spark inside that was calling me into something greater. The Overwhelming Chasm As I took inventory of my situation, this is what I saw: • Young family, dependent on me as “bread-winner” • Big house in the suburbs = big mortgage • Debt that we accumulated early on but were chipping away at • All savings invested in retirement plan • Limited extra time in the day to invest in building my dream • Early signs of an economy moving downward The visual that I was left with was this huge gap between my dream, and my current situation. Imagine standing on the edge of one side of the Grand Canyon.

If you’ve ever been there, you know the feeling your heart skips a few beats and you find yourself breathless as you approach the edge. A massive chasm, very wide and very deep, standing between you and the other side. The reason most of you will never quit your day job, statistically speaking, is because this chasm will always be insurmountable in your mind.

Most of you will systematically attempt to eliminate each item on the list. Everyone’s list of challenges standing in the way is different, and the list is ever-changing with the ebbs and flows of life. In many cases, new items are added faster then you can remove them.

It’s only natural for you to work toward eliminating all obstacles; narrowing the chasm so that in the end you can simply step across, without any risk at all. After 6 months of deliberation, standing on the edge, heavily weighing my own chasm of obstacles, I came to a profound realization. If I’m ever going to go after the dream, and get to the other side, I must jump. A Big Shock: After Taking the Leap We had a little bit of a parachute some savings and some clients that would give us a bit of time before crashing to the ground. But it wasn’t enough. 2 years after taking the leap, my family and I watched our house get foreclosed on, our cars get towed away, and our debts climb to unbearable heights. Our marriage was on the rocks we were both suffering through heavy bouts of depression.

We had crashed into the bottom of the canyon floor, and found ourselves completely broken. If my story ended here, with my family and I in pieces on the ground after a long fall, I honestly do not believe I would be here to write this today. It is critical for you to understand how far we fell and how messed up things got as a result of our choice to jump. Without that perspective and understanding, you wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate what happened next. You see, the shock wasn’t that we found ourselves crashing, and later picking up the pieces on the bottom floor. The shock came as we started to piece our lives and ourselves back together we stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. As we began to help each other up, and stand again, there was something very different about us.

We were changed. We had wings. We could fly. We experienced a wholeness as a family, and wholeness as individuals that we’ve never experienced before. The story that developed and grew out of our brokenness and our newfound ability to fly became a platform, and a place where we could help others.

You see, that original dream that we so desperately wanted to reach was replaced with something greater. As we spread our wings and flew up above the canyon, we were able to see life from a new perspective, and were able to recognize that the original dream was too small. Inside of us, existed a new strength and power, an incredible flame, that rose out of our story. The flame has compelled us to inspire, and help people in the various stages of their own process of following their dreams. It all starts with. Your Small Spark Can Change the World My hope is that my story will not scare you from taking the jump into the chasm in your own life, but that it will inspire you into a realization that you have wings to fly. Everyone has their own journey, and yours will look different then mine.

Doors will open and they will close. Some will need to be broken more than others, and some will learn how to fly before they reach the bottom. The small spark inside of you is trying to get your attention. May you respond and allow it to grow into a flame that will compel you to step into your purpose and change the world around you. As you enter into the next steps in your own journey, I’ve prepared a gift for you to offer further inspiration and support — its a free eBook, ““. Please and share it. I would also love to hear about your story and your spark — please leave a comment below!

About the Author: Jason writes at, a blog about building tribes that can make positive change in the world. Want to finally wake up excited about your work?

My bestselling course on identifying your passion and making your first $1k is “pay what you want” for a limited time right now. Photo courtesy of Save Save Sharing is caring! It’s amazing that you had the courage to “jump” from a decent job with a 6 figure income – with a family. I’m having the hard time making the leap out of a minimum wage, no-benefit job:-/ It actually is inspiring that you crashed before starting to fly. I feel like a lot of entrepreneurship and freedom-finding stories kind of gloss over that part of the experience (or the potential for it).

A lot of them read like, “when I quit my job, my side business just took off and grew faster than I could have imagined!” Read more ». Those who make the leap and dont have any struggle have got to by far be a minority I would think. After 20 years slaving away for others, seeing other family members who worked thejr life away for just barely enough to save and get a few weeks of vacation time, I realize the status quo of go to college, get a good job and work your life away is bullshit. Im done working the best years of my life away. There has got to be a better way than this. A day where I focus on myself not making Read more ».

Thanks for sharing your story! I too reached a point in my life where there was a “yearning” in my soul to be my own boss. My crash began at age 29 when I went through a divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure which triggered a deep state of depression in which I contemplated suicide.

But that yearning in my soul kept calling out to me and I simply could not ignore it. I then took a leap of faith and walked away from a secure management position with no savings and followed my heart to become my own boss. It Read more ». That took a ton of courage, and it’s awesome to hear that even after “finding yourself completely broken”, you were able to become better for it. Feels like a phoenix rising from the ashes story. I’m in a strange situation with this, because I’ve never had a full-time job working for someone else. I worked part-time in high school and college, but when it came time to decide if I would start taking internships and applying for jobs after graduation, that’s when I jumped.

Biggie Smalls Duets The Final Chapter Rar Extractor there. It was tough at times, but I’m also really glad I took the leap. Fulfillment to me didn’t look like a paycheck, or a benefits package, or a stable job, or a career path. Really enjoyed reading your story! I related to the part about the “spark”. I worked in Big Canadian Corporation for ten years. I moved up the ladder to management in a short amount of time.

At first, I loved it. I was developing individuals to reach their full potential, bring out their strengthsit was rewarding watching these individuals grow both professionally and personally. I was leading several teams from different platforms. Soon, these teams were the most successfully, making changes that contributed to saving the company alot of money, winning prestigious awards At some point, a structural change Read more ». These are the kind of stories Hollywood producers turn into blockbusters.

A hero has it all, loses it all, and then comes back to claim it all and discovers his purpose in life. So what is it that makes the comfort zone so damn alluring? Who in their right mind would give up a job with a great salary, fancy vacations, a big house, and nice cars? It’s called “experiencing a life event.” My life event occurred over four years ago when I almost died giving birth to my premature son.

All I could remember was telling Read more ». As someone who just made the choice to quit my job, this is incredibly timely. My intuition is telling me to jump and it will happen at the end of this school year.

When I began to listen to voice about a year ago, I realized that my purpose is much larger than my job. My family deserves to have a whole mom at the end of a school day, and i don’t want to spend my days feeling frustrated by the gap between my reality and my dreams. Thank you so much for another piece to my puzzle that Read more ».

Wow, what an inspiring post! The honesty that you speak with really hit me hard. A few years ago, I was working at a job that I despised. I was overwhelmed, stressed out, and always working.

I still remember that weekend when I had to pull over on the side of the road and I just broke down in tears because I was so overwhelmed at my job. It was at that point that I decided things had to change. Over the course of the next few years I made a plan to live and work internationally (which is Read more ». Thanks for writing this. I was apprehensive to open it up based on the title. Thought it might be a discouraging piece and cause even more self doubt. Glad it wasn’t!

As I read it, I felt like I was reading my own story. Like you, I was in corporate, making money, climbing that corporate ladder. Felt lucky (and still do) to have acheived so much for a small town Texas girl during my time in NY working in banking.

I “jumped” after realizing that I too was not fulfilled. I was content and at 40, I didn’t want to Read more ». ” That left me with 17% of my life to split between my wife, my two young children, and myself. I sold 83% of me so I could try and “live on my own terms” 17% of the time.

” This resonates with me. Being in a shitty corporate job, I only have meager amount of time to live my life.

Makes me want to be child again; no worries, no boss to please, no pointless powerpoint meetings, no ridiculous deadlines. Haven’t quit my job yet but planning my exit strategy. It’s about time I take control of my time Read more ». Hey there, I just stumbled across this ( I don’t really believe that I actually believe I was meant to). I have always felt this way, I call it the ‘inner squeak’!

I have this calling to do something fantastic with my life, inspire other’s and help people by sharing and making them realise that we don’t have to conform! I will be reading all your stuff. As I am a big risk taker and always think and believe things will work out fine faith I think they call it! If you ever need anyone to join your tribe and Read more ». What a fantastic comment. I hope you achieve everything that your courage merits.

I’ve had more than a niggly internal monologue pretty-much since I graduated nearly a decade ago now. I got into electronic engineering since college and continued ever since. I’m relatively well paid and my working environment used to be to die for – a Manor house in the South of England working with some awesome, well educated and intelligent people. But, despite this and being a socially confident and engaged person, my heart’s never really been in it and although I maintain a committed and professional Read more ».

Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us Jason! This is the best article on ‘quitting your job’ that I’ve ever read. After working at a large financial firm for 3 years after college, I never thought that I was truly ready to quit. I would always find myself reading about other people’s experiences, which would only confirm that I wasn’t ready. Many bloggers would encourage having ‘x’ amount of income before quitting or they’d recommend having ‘x’ amount of clients. I didn’t have either but I knew that I was destined for something else and I strongly felt Read more ». I took the leap and started my own business in 1996.

But it wasn’t until my personal life fell apart and I was left with my career and my husband (infertility prevented starting our own family and the loss of my Dad broke apart the family I had. This was followed by losing other people in my life who couldn’t handle all of the hard stuff. From this experience we found our Spark! Robin Mckinley Pegasus Epub Download.

It is quite amazing to know who you are, what you want, what you will accept and what you won’t. Now I am finally seeing the development Read more ». Ancient man (in tribal situations) apparently spent only about 4 hours a day doing survival related “work”. That means we used to work 17% of the time in order to live the remaining 83% on our terms. Funny how that’s the exact opposite of what you were doing. We need to get back to the old ways. The funny thing is we “could”.

It is man himself that has complicated things and made life what it is. Nature really isn’t that cruel, and we long ago, for the purpose of general survival, figured out how to tame her by working Read more ». Hi, Wow, thanks for your blog. Im doing a “leap” as well, I am moving to Dubai for a job in education and to be with my future husband. My whole family thinks Im nuts to walk away from a stable (as stable as anything could be) job and the comforts of american citizenship for a new adventure.

All they keep saying is, well what if it doesnt work out, what if it doesnt this, what if what ifBUT ITS MY LIFE. I still have no idea how all the peices of it will work out. But the thing isI Read more ». A lot of commenters on here who are ready to give the finger to the financial/banking world. I am in the same position, a financial corporate lackey with the overwhelming feeling that I am not living up to my potential.

The stress of my current situation is killing me. I can’t sleep, insane anxiety, have become the most cynical personand I just can’t stand who I have become.

I’ve decided enough is enough, and will be quitting within the next 2 months. I refuse to lose the rest of my precious life to a few greedy banking a-holes. No Read more ». Wow at this article. I googled, sick of my job but can’t leave yet, and I arrived here. The statement – 50% of my life during the week was dedicated to growing someone else’s business.

33% of my life during the week was sleep; replenishing my energy to grow someone else’s business.That left me with 17% of my life to split between my wife, my two young children, and myself. I sold 83% of me so I could try and “live on my own terms” 17% of the time – really struck me. Everyday for the last 3 months, the Read more ».