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Download Detective Conan Movie The Phantom Of Baker Street Sub Indo

Contents • • • • • • • • Plot [ ],,,,, and are invited to visit a client in a hotel beside a theme park called Miracle Land. Ran and the kids leave after being given free theme park, while Conan and Kogoro are forced by the to solve a mystery to remove the wrist watches, which are set to detonate. The client also reveals that the wristbands given to Ran and company are set to detonate should they leave the premises. The mystery man reveals that two other detectives gave up, one killed, while one is still working. Conan and Kogoro investigate an empty hotel where they find ski masks and a gun, which were used for a robbery.

Download Detective Conan Movie The Phantom Of Baker Street Sub Indo

On the same date of the, stole some from a nearby company. Kogoro retrieves the bag, but ends up getting arrested as Kid's. The mysterious man calls Conan, correctly identifies him as and gives him a second clue. Conan meets who reveals that he is also part of the search, with his friend also held captive. Hattori and Conan work together and end up in Yokohama Ocean University where they join together with Hakuba Saguru, a famous detective from the North. They find out that one of the former presidents of the club, Nishio, was charged with the murder of a classmate. Hattori then confirms with the client through the phone that the mystery he wants them to solve was the murder case.

They are attacked by two working for a person who is trying to kill Kaitou Kid. To escape, the three detectives split up. Conan ends up falling from a bridge and breaks his leg. Kogoro is already giving his report to the client in the hotel when Hattori knocks him out so he does not get killed for giving a wrong conclusion. They then discover the client who is a blind wheelchair user and reveal the truth to him. The client, Nishio and Reiko, a woman who the client was in love with, were staging the robbery of an armored car. The robbery went wrong when a guard was killed and the robbers' escape was then witnessed by Kaitou Kid.

Download Detective Conan Movie The Phantom Of Baker Street Sub Indo

Thus, the Nishio was murdered in order to keep the involvement of the other two silent. Conan and Hattori reveal that Nishio was already dead before the client shot him and that Reiko was the true killer. When the client panicked and tried to leave the city, his car was sabotaged in an attempt to kill him. 3ds Max 2010 Crack Keygen Free Download. Reiko appears at that moment and confirms the truth behind the incident. She attempts to kill the detectives but is knocked out.

Conan accesses the computer to change the settings on the wristbands but fails due to the computer receiving damage from a loose gunshot. Cara Install Driver Di Windows 7 on this page. Conan manages to deactivate the link but not the restricted area however. The watches are then collected by the police except one (Genta) which is not accounted for as the police thought that the number of wristband is correct. They forgot to include the fact that Sonoko Suzuki is not involved in the case therefore they should include one more in the number of wristband collected. After the police collected the wristbands, all of them went to the snake ride.

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Genta brought along the wristband for the snake ride. At the start of the ride, Hattori saw the wristband and shouted. Haibara managed to remove but due to the motion of the ride, the wristband lands on the last seat of the ride. When the ride reaches the sea which is out of the restricted zone, Kaitou Kid took the wristband and let it explode safely. Conan reveals that Kid was with them for a long time, disguised as Hakuba Saguru. The death of the three previous detectives hired by the client is revealed to have been staged.

Cast [ ] • as • as • as • as and • as Heiji Hattori • as Kazuha Toyama • as Professor Hiroshi Agasa • as • as • as • as and • as • as • as • as • as Officer Chiba • as Heizo Hattori • as Ginshiro Toyama • as Inspector Yokomizo • as Officer Ohtaki • as Eri Kisaki • as Midori Kuriyama • as Detective Nakamori • as Saguru Hakuba • as Fortune Teller • as Chestnut criminal • as Homeless Gaz • as Policeman • as Souichiro Miyama • as Masao Takada • as Ryuucha • as Reiko Shimizu • as Mysterious client:Ito Suehiko Music [ ] The theme song is ' (ゆるぎないものひとつ). It was released on April 12, 2006. Along with and, this is the third Detective Conan movie theme wrote by B'z. The official soundtrack was released on April 12, 2006. Home Media [ ] DVD [ ] There are two versions of the DVD released, a special version and a regular version, both released on December 13, 2006. The special version contains a disc with the movie and trailers, and a bonus disc with all of the movie and Detective Conan 10 years Special Thanks commercials, costing ¥7350.

The regular version contains only a disc with the movie and trailers, costing ¥6090. Blu-ray [ ] The Blu-ray version of the film was released on February 25, 2011. The Blu-ray contains the same content of the DVD plus a mini-booklet explaining the film and the function. References [ ].

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