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Crosman Remington Airmaster 77 Manual Air

This multi-pump pneumatic rifle shoots either BB's or pellets. The Remington AirMaster 77 is dressed in a black matte synthetic stock and forearm with a black metal receiver and nickel barrel shroud. The grip and forearm have checkering for a sure grasp. The fiber optic front sight and rear sight adjustable elevation will make it easy to acquire your target. Zero in on targets with greater accuracy with the included 4x15 scope.

AirMaster 77.177 Caliber (4.5 mm) Pneumatic Airgun. OWNER'S MANUAL. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS IN THIS. MANUAL BEFORE USING THIS AIRGUN. Remington is a trademark used from RA Brands, LLC. Under license by Crosman Corp. PERFORMANCE: Many factors can affect velocity, including. Looks and feels like an M4 firearm. Shoots either BBs or pellets, so you can use whatever ammo you've got on hand. Since it's a multi-pump, you can pump it up.

Crosman Remington Airmaster 77 Manual AirCrosman Remington Airmaster 77 Manual Air

Speaking of targets, you'll have plenty of them! This rifle flings lead pellets at a whopping 750 fps (up to 1000 with BB's). You can vary the power of the rifle, depending on the distance of your target. Ten pumps is the maximum you can put into the AirMaster 77, but that's plenty!

Pellets are loaded one at a time. BB's are loaded into a reservoir that holds 200 BB's.

Through gravity, you move the BB's into the magazine, which holds 17. (Never shoot steel BB's at metal objects!).

• ManufacturerRemington • Caliber0.177 cal • Velocity1000 fps • ConditionNew • ActionBolt-action • Barrel StyleRifled • Cocking Effort1-10 pumps • Fire ModeRepeater • Gun Weight4.81 • Overall Length39.75 • Barrel Length20.88 • Loudness4-Medium-High • Magnification4X15 • MechanismMulti-pump pneumatic • OpticsScope • Rail11mm dovetail • SafetyManual • Front SightsFiber Optic • Rear SightsAdjustable for elevation • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage non-adjustable • Trigger Pull5.25 • UsePlinking/Fun • Warranty1-year limited warranty. I bought one of these quite a bit of time ago. Fiddled around with it a bit at the time and then forgot it in my attic until last week.

Dusty, cruddy looking and rather neglected but I figured I would at least see if it was still functional. Grabbed my tin of pellets and a target and out to the yard I went. Hey, it works! I remembered the reason I kind of put it aside because of the pumping action being a bit of a distraction between shots but I'll deal with it. So I mounted a better scope (CenterPoint 3-9x32, no need to get too fancy here) and headed back out to the yard. At 25 yards I was putting pellets into a 2' group after getting the scope half-way dialed in.

I remember it being a not-so-impressive BB popper but notably better with pellets. Yep, that still holds true but I'm more than happy. Now I'm going to strip it all the way down and give it a thorough cleaning and a bit of work on what is a pretty nasty trigger pull. I'm spoiled by the trigger on my CZ 452 (no take-up, 3.0 lb pull, breaks as clean as could be) so I'm bound to be disappointed in comparison. Other than the trigger its a great little shooter. I wish I hadn't left it abandoned in my attic all these years.

I bought this gun over a year ago and I think I love it more now than I did when it first arrived. As I stated, it is my first airgun. It is a must get for your first rifle or a loved one's first gun.

It is very accurate and will easily take out roaming varmints. I live in the city with a nice strip of yard down one side of my house that leads into the back, and have fired from noon til dark with the neighbors clueless as to the plinking sound. (Check your city's laws and restrictions on airguns before firing. In my case, as long as I don't shoot in the direction of the 'general public' I am legal, so I shoot at the fence separating the neighbors backyard from mine.) Definitely one of the better guns out on the market for people looking to break into the airgun hobby, or for any vet just looking for cheap but reliable rifle. Combine it with a pellet trap (and knowledge of your city's regulations) for a good day of target shooting in your own backyard! I bought this gun to replace a Daisy 880 of 30 years ago I finally wore out. The new Daisy 880 are not the same.plastic pump handles and just not the same as I bought one hated it tried to take it apart and use it to rebuild old one and they were not the same:( Anyway in came A77.

Horrible BB shooter, decent pellet shooter. 5 pumps and 580 fps on my chrono with 7.7 grain Daisy pellet. However the trigger was so bad it seriously effected my shooting. 5.5 lbs on on my gauge and about a half a mile of travel to break causing be to pull shots right and up.

I have never done a trigger job but I had a video on how to do one on a 10/22 and I thought what the heck do it for practice and if it screws up the BB gun was about the same price as a new 10/22 hammer and sear. I took the gun apart which was very easy just 3 screws and the receiver separates. There is no hammer just a piston and a saw tooth sear.

I took the sear and trigger pins and polished in my drill with 2000grit emory left over from Pinewood derby axle days. Polished the trigger to sear engagement cam and stoned and polished the sear saw teeth (the one to the butt of the rifle seems to be the one controlling the break). Coated it with Mil-Conn action grease reassemble and measured 4 lbs and the same 1/2 mile of take up to break. I took it apart and on the belt sander took the top third of the rear saw tooth off, polished and greased and checked again.

3.75 lbs and virtual no take up but just clean break! I could not be happier. Could be the best trigger I now have. Dime size group at 30 ft with Gamo match pellets and old Daisey's from off hand standing ~1in. This is a real good midrange pellet gun, don't shoot BBs in it though, they're very inaccurate and will ruin the rifling. I can hit a AA battery at 15 yards with it, and do a headshot on a squirrel at 35.

They don't get up after you've hit them with this, I've shot 7 squirrels so far, almost all headshots. My only complaint is the breech, for loading pellets, it takes some practice, so you don't put them in backwards. The scope is crap, but what do you expect? If you want a good one, buy a new one. This is a real good gun, quiet, lethal on squirrels, accurate, what more could I want in this? I found one of these laying around in my house the other day and have been plinking with it every day since then.

It's pretty incredible. I've owned the Crosman T4 OPTS and this gun shoots much more accurately. It's handy to have the storage compartment, rather than loading in 12-20 BB's at a time. Just fill it up, and when you're out just pull the loader spring back and shake it upside down. Put up with alot of abuse so far, loaded a scope on it.

That's were the problem came in. The rails are crap. It was shooting so far to the right that I couldn;t adjust for it, even after re-mounting the scope 4 times. I'm a duck hunter first, but I do use rifles and know how to properly mount and sight in a rifle, so that wasn't the issue. Over all, for the price I'd say go for it. The Crosman break barrel rifles I've had break down very quickly.

Personally I went for the PX4 Storm Recon to plink / kill pests 4/5 because of the rail problems. This is a nice gun for the money. I have had mine for a few weeks and have rid my property of unwanted squirrels. It is not difficult to pump and the action is nice.I agree with other reviews about loading with can be difficult sometimes if the pellet drops in backwards,practice makes perfect. The scope isnt great but at this price dont expect much.

The power is excellent at 10 pumps all the squirrels were one shot kills. If you want a gun for occasional use for pests and target shooting you cant go wrong with this one. I am a former Army Ranger Sniper / Scout and will list a few things to help all you airgunners that have written negative comments regarding this excellent rifle. First you need to to assess what are you using this rifle for, recreational plinking, pest control, hunting,etc.?

If this is to be used for hunting you will need to outfit this rifle with a better scope (Powerline 3-9x32), shoot only pellets (NO BB'S!!!, WILL RUIN THE RIFLING!!), run ballistic test on at least 5 different pellets from 7.8 grns to 8.2 grns MAX (RWS Superpoint-8.2,GAMO RedFire-8grns for power,accuracy,distance,Crosman Pointed-7.9,Crosman Hollowpoint, and Gamo Masterpoint Energy-7.87 for speed/penetration. Break in for this rifle is at 500 rounds, I have shot birds and squirrels, HEADSHOTS ONLY!, at an average distance of 21 yards. My grouping of 3 shots (RWS-8.2) are MOA or better at 40 yds (dimesize-1/4 inch or less)!! Today I destroyed a bird (Head shot) using Gamo Red Fire-8grns measured distance of 37.6 yds. This is a bargain air rifle at $70, hope I was of help for all my fellow airgunners, Hoorah! I am a serious hunter with an air gun collection.

Since my childhood I have loved airguns and this rifle is a serious weapon. First you must have a nice 3-9 Scope on this thing so get er done. Second DON'T shoot BB's trough it, the barrel is rifled and they will or can screw with the wist, not to mention are not accurate from twist barrels. I have shot lots of pellets through this gun and I have found for this rifle as well as the Daisy 880 use PBA's if you can. Tey are very accurate from sub-sonic guns and probably make this an 800 FPS gun or so!

Very ACCURATE at 30 yards I had MOA benched groups with PBA's from both guns. When I found out that this gun was a pump action rifle, I prepared for the worst. This gun has some cool features, but all are messed up in a way. Example, the magnetic bolt.

It usually got more than 1 bb inside the loading chamber. When that happened, it took a long time to clear the second bb. The pumping was difficult. Extremely difficult.

I got pinched a lot by the pumping mechanism. Even though it takes a lot of cocking effort, the gun is not that powerful. Pulling the bolt back to load a bb or pellet was even hard. I had to load the bb's in a very small tube in order to have the bb's load inside the chamber, which was confusing.

Worst of all, the gun was unreliable. Sometimes when we did all of the loading steps correctly, the gun wouldn't shoot. Don't get this gun!!!! The Remington Airmaster 77 is a very good starter gun. When I got mine I took off the cheap 4x20 scope and put on a Bushnell 6-18x50 scope and a one piece mount. With that scope, this rifle is unbeatable.

I can achieve a 1 inch group at 58 yards with Crosman Premier Hollow Points, and at 30 yards you can't miss. I have never shot a bb through it because this gun is rifled and I don't want to damage it. You can pick the heads off grasshoppers in your yard from 30 yards away. The scope has an adjustable objective and allows you to make accurate range finding and adjustments. Although it is a multi-pump, this gun packs some serious power. At 725 fps, it packs a little more power than a Beeman R9. Url2 Sifteam E1 Download Movies.

I have killed countless birds, several squirrels with headshots, and even several rabbits in the night with a flshlight taking headshots at 30 yards. Anything that gets hit in the head with this drops without a twitch every time. Because it's a.177, I don't take body shots on larger prey like squirrels and rabbits. I only make head shots. But because this scope/gun combo is so accurate, it's not hard. Birds are fine to take body shots on though as it has the power.

Black Magic Little Mix Download Songily. I've put over 3000 rounds through it and haven't had a problem yet. Overall, it's a great for someone who wants an accurate gun that can take small game and not break the bank.

Items you will need • Philips head screwdriver • Barrel • Magazine tube • Forearm cap • Receiver Remington's Airmaster 77 pellet air rifle has a low velocity capacity of 750 feet per second. Though this is quite substantial when compared to BB and Airsoft guns, this rifle was not engineered for serious hunting. Plinking and minor varmint culling are the main functions of this firearm. The Airmaster 77, being a pump-driven weapon, can produce different levels of pressure, resulting in various pellet ballistics. With a modest weight of 4.8 pounds, relatively short length and chambering in.177, this pellet rifle is geared toward young or novice shooters. Join the upper receiver and the stock by inserting the smaller end of the synthetic stock into the rectangular opening behind the trigger.

Screw these two parts together. Only two screws are required. Screw the magazine tube to the barrel in the three separate areas. Screw the barrel into the upper receiver in a clockwise fashion. When the barrel reaches the end of the threads, push inward until you hear a click. The barrel now will be in place.

Find the forearm cap and screw it to the bottom of the magazine tube, aligning it with the receiver. The receiver and the forearm cap should be flush.