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Century Arms Golani Serial Numbers

Sorry if I sound stupid, but I don't know squat about the rifles. Ain't no stupid questions, less'n ya ax 'um in the wrong place or too many times. Associated Tc4 Setup Sheet For 2009 on this page. The Galil rifle was a triumph of theory over practice. It was heavier than an AK and fired a lighter round.

The theory is still good. Execution depends on quality assurance. Your carbine version looks like a reasonable example, now that we can't get the Finn M72. The only complaint I have heard about Israeli weapons is low quality barrels.

Century Arms Golani Serial NumbersCentury Arms Golani Serial Numbers

Supposedly they wear out faster than Americans expect. Geoff Who has examined, but not fired a full size Galil rifle. U He Ace Keygen Machine.

Feb 17, 2010. From I've read about the Golani Sporter Galil's from Century, if I were to purchase one, my best bet would be to look for the receiver with the serial prefix of 'GLN'? I believe that these are Caspian receivers. Is there anything else that I should take into consideration and look for? I've wanted one for quite a.