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Cannot Open Hasp Driver Image Pro Plus

Cannot Open Hasp Driver Image Pro Plus

I have IPP 6.2.1 on a Dell Optiplex 980 running Win 7 Pro 64. It had run fine since I got the computer several years ago, but then after Win's incessant updates it would fail to run, no error message. In Win safe mode it would say it couldn't find the HASP driver. Until recently re-installing the HASP driver would fix it. I re-installed the driver from the CD and then the latest version from Sentinel.

I uninstalled and re-installed IPP. I tried IPP in XP and Win 2000 compatibility modes. HASP key light is on and Device Mgr says drivers are installed and working. SPOT camera software also requires HASP key & it works fine. IPP runs on another computer running Win XP.

Cannot Open Hasp Driver Image Pro Plus. Literary magazine publishing an assortment of military terms of the modern era. Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. Updating to BarTender 2016. Updating version to BarTender 2016; Updating Web Print.

So, it must be something about Win 7. Anyone have a solution?

Used the Mean Intensity function with ROI's for each well of a 96 well plate. Free software online allowed for fitting of '1 / Intensity,Mean' values to a 4-parameter fit to create the standard curve from the standard wells, and subsequent quantification of sample wells.

The ELISA was an colorimetric HRP conjugation. Comparison to actual data read by our Microplate reader was within 30%. Curious if anyone else has tried this, and if there may be an even better Image Pro function to quantitate the well color. I also tried Intensity - Blue, Green, Red, Max, Uncalibrated; and Integrated OD, but the Mean Intensity was the best. Every time I start IPP7 I get an Ipclrg.bas(macro) IPBasic[design] window open which states its Definitions for Run Time Registered Auto Pro Functions of iplarge.dll (c) 1998, Media Cybernetics LP and a Basic Editor pop up window error message.

'identifier already in use. Learn Japanese Rpg Kanji Translator. File: C: Program Files (x86) IPWIN70 bas Ipclrg.bas, line: 10' I hit OK button and it appears a second time. I hit OK again and I get a third pop up error message 'Unable to load C: Program Files (x86) IPWIN70 Ipclrg.bas' I don't want this Auto-Pro macro/ function to run on start up to so how do I stop it please? Apologies I posted this under Automation and Macros before/just now (it's Monday what can I say).

I'm trying to restore corrupted.vpf files (possibly overwritten by another user or corrupted during a crash). Is the easiest way to just to drag an drop previously saved.vpf backup files to the Documents & Settings folder? Is it possible to have Image Pro Plus set up so 2 separate users can have their own capture/work environment? In order that their different capture settings (.vpf files) are kept separate and don't get corrupted/overwritten. Can IPP be set up to have 2 totally distinct user profiles/logins which don't interfere with each other? For instance could this be done with separate Windows Logins and saving.vpf files to different Document and Settings folders?

Hello, I am currently trying to load an AVI file into Image Pro Plus and I cannot get the program to load. I keep getting the error message, 'Error Opening *File Name*. When I select the file it will begin loading, as in the black bar acorss the bottom moves about halfway, and then I get the error message. This is an AVI file that I have uncompressed and is about 6 Gigs as a result. I have tried converted it to a variety of different codecs but none have worked so far.

The file was created using a Casio EX-FC150 camera. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jonathan. I have managed to create a macro that makes a few counts, AND operation, count again, serving results in Excel, closing images, bla bla bla.

Everything works fine so far. I can even make this work in a batch processing, but now comes the problems.I want to batch process a lot of images (>500) and it seems like the opening/closing of images makes Image-Pro choke. I get a message of exceeded number of GID (???) 9800 and the batch wont go any further.

Have I reach a limit or can I somehow clean up cash as we go along? - Torben Mandrup. A customer has discovered a bug in Image Pro Plus version If you attempt to save the 'Use Spatial calibration' from the caliper tool dialog, options tab, the value will not be saved in the setting file.

This is not according to documentation in Auto-Pro 7.0 Help: Syntax: IpClprSettings(szFileName, bSave) Description: This function saves or loads caliper tool settings, including sampling tools, edge detectors, measurements, and options. Attempts to use such a saved settings file (expecting that this value is present) would lead to wrong results in any analysis. I have been having issues with thresholding transmitted light microscope images of opaque particles.

The thresholding works great when there are a lot of particles in the field of view. However, when there are only a couple to none, it tends to threshold the imperfection of the illumination from the microscope lamp. Then when the image is counted and measured the program finds particles that are not there due to the lighting. I have attached images to demonstrate my issue. The first way I tried to fix this was writing code to set a manual threshold limit, since these are grayscale images I set it to a certain value, but I am worried it may add bias to my data if not all images threshold at that value (causing some particles to be under or over measured). I have tried to use background correction, and it removes the uneven illumination, but then the image still does not threshold as clear (meaning an all black image). Am I missing something or is there something else that I can try?

Ammoru Telugu Movie Video Songs Free Download. Thanks in advance! Jen Grayscale image that contains no particles. It actually contains some particles but these particles are too small for my measurements. Threshold of the grayscale image above. Count and Measure of the image showing the program finding particles that are not there due to the illumination. Background Image Background Corrected.

All -- I wrote a very large and very complicated macro for a customer. They find that if they run the macro for a long period of time (6 or 8 hours) that their PREMIER SYSTEM crashes.

One of the errors that they see is shown below even though there are no images 'open'. In QUESTION 2030 -- Batch processing - Limitations there seems to be mention of a similar issue but I don't see a solution there. The customer is using PREMIER 9.2. Should the first step be upgrading one of their 3 systems to 9.3 to see if this is resolved or is there a better first step? -- Matt *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*.