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3com 3c905c Tx M Driver Windows 7

Hello, this is my first post, I'm not sure if this is the right place to this topic, but I thought this is the right place. Anyway, I'm not 100% sure how you guys work this drives stuff, and I have no expectations to how you will deal with my problem. However, I have this OLD LAN card: 3COM 3c905C-TX/TX-M Tornado I used it on my WIN 2000, WIN XP x86, WIN Vista x86, WIN 7 x86, and Linux/Ubuntu x64 Using this card on all above systems, was easy, all systems installed this (NIC) drive automatically, all systems but (WIN 7 x86) I had to manually download the '3Com EtherLink 10-100 PCI For Complete PC Management NIC (3C905C-TX)--3c905c_4_41' driver and point windows to the folder, and it worked like charm. Now, I just switched to Win 7 x64, and I surfed the web for like 3 days now, I couldn't find any driver for this card that would work on x64 based system.

3com 3c905c Tx M Driver Windows 73com 3c905c Tx M Driver Windows 7

Can you guys help me? Thank you in advanced! That is a REALLY OLD card.

Over ten years old. If there is a driver then 3Com (HP) should have it. I am surprised it is not supported by windows 7 natively. 3Com is now owned by HP. The drivers have not been updated since 2001.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise unifies wired and wireless networking to create superior, high performance campus, branch and data center solutions. Valentino Rossi The Doctor Fonte. Works greatCan't find good driver for VistaWorks greatit's driver are not installing on vista. 3Com Etherlink XL 10/100 PCI NIC/3C905C Vendor: 3Com Tested operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 Bit (x86_64), Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 Bit (x86_64), Windows XP, Windows XP 64 Bit.

And probably never will be again, since it is almost a 15 year old product line. (in computer terms two years old is considered obsolete) leads to. Use it in an XP machine and call it a day. Get a new card for win 7 You got 10 good years out of it. Moved from 'Feature Requests' to hardware.

I recently installed Win7 x86 and as expected my 3C905tx ethernet controller could not be installed. I searched the web and found a driver - the same driver that you installed - but unfortunately the link was dead. Am wondering if by chance you still have the driver for the 3com ethernet controller and if you could forward it to me by mail.

Ive read that for Windows 7 64 bit you have to manually install the driver from win7 integrated list of compatible drivers. Free Download Lagu Power Ranger Mystic Force there. Network Adapters - Realtek Semiconductor corp (the 2nd) - HP EN1207D-TX PCI Hope this helps.